Should Congress Be Drug Tested?

should congress be drug tested

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Barack Obama is an admitted cocaine user. We recently had a Congressman check himself into rehab for cocaine use, and we all remember Jesse Jackson, Jr’s recent erratic behavior, where he didn’t show up to Congress and still wanted to get paid.

The fact is, how does a nation get $17 trillion in debt, have a $1 trillion deficit for the last five years, and American taxpayers not DEMAND these people be drug-tested.

Many jobs in the public sector have random drug-testing, yet the people who have the most lives at stake have no requirements that ensure that they are lucid.

These very same people have the nerve to involve themselves in sports, calling people before Congress in order to make sure that ball-players are not using steroids, as they go back to their coke parties.

Enough! Let’s make Congress (and the president) take random drug tests…