Let’s make sure the tyrants cannot do any more LOCKDOWNS!

This lockdown due to COVID-19 was far more than unconstitutional, though a clear violation of the Bill of Rights. The lockdown represented a violation of every Americans’ human rights.

What we have learned since the pandemic fizzled is the far worse than we believed. The perpetrators of the lockdown consider this a trial run.

Its authors tested how easily Americans would self-enslave or self-imprison. Sadly, we FAILED. So processes are now being implemented to make the future lockdowns much easier.

WE WILL STOP THIS! But we need your help.

JOIN OUR PETITION to make sure the government can never do this again.

Our plan is simple: Sue the Fed.

With millions of Americans as part of our petition, they can’t ignore us. But we also have an important ally. Attorney General Barr agrees with us.

Still, we will not stop with the Fed.

Next, we will sue each state that mandated a lockdown. We DEMAND to know the realistic numbers for this “pandemic”. Because we know most of the statistics related to infections and deaths were either guesses or complete fabrication.

Dr. Birx believes as many as 25 percent of the deaths associated with COVID-19 were actually unrelated to the COVID-19. No surprise, given that taxpayers were charged $39,000 for each death coded incorrectly.

The Wall Street Journal wrote recently that death exaggerations could be exponential.

So again, help us end the nonsense. We have spoken with our legal team, and hope to take the next steps soon.

Lockdowns of non-sick people is illegal, and we must make these bureaucrats know their place. They work for US!

So again, JOIN US. Sign our petition. We will contact you when we initiate lawsuits in each state where the rights of American citizens were violated.

Covid 19 Lawsuit

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