Do you have the courage to join Kevin Jackson as “NOT Gay”?


Kevin Jackson, Executive Director of The Black Sphere, recently announced that his is “NOT Gay.”

In a shocking press release, Kevin confessed, “I can see the road ahead as difficult. I will never have a show on the Lifetime channel; and let’s face it, my fashion sense will suffer.”

His announcement has received some condemnation, like these examples:

  • “Time for him to be ostracized.”
  • “How dare he be normal?”
  • “Stop trying to be so hateful and intolerant!”

Despite the hate, a number of people are standing in solidarity with Kevin, some going as far as confessing their own orientation as being “NOT Gay”:

  • “It’s great to know I’m not alone in my struggle.”
  • “I, too, wish to announce that I am NOT gay. It feels great to be out of the closet.”
  • “I’m coming out Not gay because Kevin Jackson has given me the courage to do so. Thanks Kevin.”
  • “This took a great deal of courage to come out of the closet and take this politically incorrect stand!”
  • “If only others were brave enough to face impending ridicule by bravely announcing that you are not alone in your politically incorrect heterosexuality.”

You can express your solidarity with Kevin and state plainly and boldly that you too are “NOT Gay.” By signing up you will receive his newsletters where he offers tips on how to handle coming out NOT gay, and you will get other snarky political commentary.