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Be part of something BIG! If you are tired of relying on “The Scott Brown Effect,” and are looking for a team that will change the landscape of politics forever, then you are at the right place!

Our goal is to bring an additional 20% of the youth and minority vote to Conservatives…forever! The Left cannot win elections without this vote, and they know it. They work hard to finance the insanity that is pervasive with youth and in the minority communites, and our team offers an alternative.

We are creative in getting youth and minorities to listen objectively to the other side, and the Left FEARS us!  They’d better!

The old way of fighting won’t win.  So when you hit that “Support” button, you are playing a major role in the new fight.  And I promise you, The Black Sphere team WILL make a difference!

Thanks in advance for your support!  Then tell 100 others!

To donate to The Black Sphere, LLC, click on the following link. You will be taken to PayPal- a secure donation site.

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