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new-img-colinIf we band together, perhaps we can put MERIT back on the gridiron.

Since when did the NFL become a social engineering experiment? Sport is a meritocracy, where the best compete.

The NFL fan base is overwhelmingly white. Blacks like Colin Kaepernick are disproportionately represented, as the NFL teems with black and other minority players.

Put another way, whites overwhelmingly support blacks (and other minorities) in the NFL, because they are exceptional athletes.

Isn’t that enough?

In the time of a black president, the NFL should take a stance against idiotic racism like that of Kaepernick and players supporting BLM. All Lives Matter.

In stadiums all around this country on game day only two colors count. The color of the two adversarial teams.

Let’s send the NFL a message. Join me in a message to the NFL that we don’t like anti-America, cop-hating racists.

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