Regardless of what you may feel about Donald Trump, he is the last man standing for the GOP. Many Republicans are licking their wounds, but vowed to support the candidate who survived the gladiator arena.

Whether you are “holding your nose” as you vote, or whether you were a Trump supporter, the war is over. So for the Speaker of the House and highest ranking Republican in America to not back Trump publicly is beyond scandalous.

I wrote recently that as much as I can’t stand Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, I know that she would never abandon a Democrat in the manner in which Ryan has done Trump.
Ryan says of Trump, that he needs to move closer to conservative values. I guess Ryan is speaking of the conservative values he espouses, that gave Obama the largest budget in the history of mankind?

Or the conservative values that have allowed massive illegal immigration, and massive terrorists disguised as “refugees?”

Or perhaps Ryan speaks of the conservative values that have allowed the IRS to terrorize conservative groups, allowed the VA to kill veterans, allowed Hillary Clinton to expose secrets and not be held accountable for getting four Americans killed in Benghazi, allowed Barack Obama and Eric Holder to run guns into Mexico?

Those conservative values? It’s far past time to teach the Republicans a lesson in conservatism.

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