When you support The Black Sphere team, you support our mission to bring more youth and diversity to the Conservative movement.  We will negate the charges of racism by involving ourselves and our partners directly in minority communities, then challenge the Left to continue to call us racists!

You can see some of our projects and their significance in our mission and our goal. We hope you will support us in our endeavors…

Forever Families: We work to find inner city children their “forever families” as whole sibling units. Our team has helped over 90 children find their forever families, and start new lives.  Our plan is to raise $100K over the next year for these children.  For more information on this, contact Kevin.

The Black Conservative Census Project: We have partnered with to show just how many black Conservatives there are in this country, and how powerful black Conservatives are with ONE voice. This group will be the foundation of the Black Conservative Coalition, and will be an alternative to the NAACP. No longer will the Left filter messaging from the black community. Learn more here.

The Billboard Project: It’s time to wake up the minority community, and this campaign will do it. The billboards will educate all Americans as to the racism and elitism on the Left! Expect to see these soon. In the mean time, you can learn more here.

The Top 1000 Fans Project: Frankly, we can’t do this without you! The Top 1000 Fans are those who will be recognized…forever.  You are investing in the idea that The Black Sphere team have the right formula to change American politics! If you are right, we will be removing the “Support” buttons in a couple of years, as we will have made it, and given you a voice! Find out here what it means to be a Top 1000 Fan and what it takes to become one!

The Black Sphere Business Incubator Project:  Our incubator partners like “I Heard The People Say” gather each month to take a group of Conservatives into the heart of America’s cities to directly support minority businesses with their patronage. By supporting these businesses directly, we feel that our efforts can show results the quickest, and this approach is far better than any government program. Find out here how you can help us expand this project in your area.

The Black Sphere Adopt-A-Church Project:  In partnership with various grass roots organizations, The Black Sphere established an Adopt-a-Church project where we work with churches in the minority community to offer a range of services, such as resume writing services and interviewing techniques.  For more information on this effort, visit here.

Thank you for your support, as we expand our scope.

Remember:  2010 is indeed Emancipation II – This time all Americans get freed!

Kevin Jackson

CEO of The Black Sphere, LLC

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