The Billboard Campaign


“What will take to get through to the black community?”  We believe we have the answer!

It’s obvious that the Republican Party has done a poor job of selling the FACT that the Republican Party is the REAL Party of Civil Rights!  After all, the Republican Party was formed as the Anti-Slavery Party!

If the spokesmen for the Republican Party can’t convince blacks not to vote for the Party that voted 200 times that it was OK to lynch black people, then we need to fire the spokesmen!! – Kevin Jackson

Liberals control the schools and the state-run media, thus they control the message.  Liberals do not want the truth to get out, because the truth will ruin their “Progressive” agenda!

Our goal is to educate with our billboard campaign.  We have created copyrighted billboards with very targeted messages.  This campaign will run anywhere from a year to 18 months.  We will put our messages in high traffic areas, and target minority communities.  Companion audio spots will run on minority radio stations in order to reinforce our message. 

The project will launch first in Missouri, then roll out nationwide.  A spokesperson from the Black Conservative Coalition be available for comment to confront Liberals on radio and TV to discuss the truth about the racist and elitist history of Democrats, as well as the destructive policies of Liberals and Progressives today.

The first 90 days for our first two billboards was donated by DDI.  However we have incurred upfront costs, with graphics production, audio production, copyrights, and so on. The larger costs will involve the billboards themselves, as well as buying the radio spots, and we expect this campaign to ultimately cost around $500K.

It is our hope that you see the importance of confronting Liberalism head on, and our creative way of doing it.  The minority community needs somebody unafraid to provide a much needed wake up call, and we are the group willing to step up!

We can’t do this by ourselves, so if you appreciate this effort, please donate to support this cause!  Every little bit helps, particularly if it’s repetitive!

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