The Constitution Club

Support the team that is MAKING A DIFFERENCE!  Everything we do promotes our mission:

The Black Sphere team will bring youth and diversity to the Conservative movement, educating with humor and satire to put racism and classism where they belong…on the Left!

From Kevin’s best-selling book, The BIG Black Lie to the TV show pilot The Black Sphere production team is presently shooting, we tackle the tough issues, and move one step closer to our goal of freeing America!

We are asking our Top 1000 Fans to set aside a small donation each month to support our mission.  It doesn’t matter how much you donate, because it all adds up. As you achieve various levels, you get to participate more in the process.  So start out as a Patriot and graduate to become a Grass Roots Radical, as your support increases!  Who knows, maybe you may eventually become a Descendant of Reagan!


What You Get
$10 Patriot: Free digital download
$25 Entrepreneur: Patriot plus t-shirt
$50 Capitalist: Entrepreneur, plus additional t-shirt
$100 Grass Roots Radical (GRR): Capitalist plus other logo’d TBS item
$250 Radical Industrialist (RI): GRR plus advance copy of book, t-shirt
$500 Extremist: RI plus 1-yr membership for TBS
$1,000 Industrialist Extremist (IE): Extremist plus add’l year of membership and guest spot on radio show
$2,500 Right-Wing Tycoon (RWT): IE plus choice of VM download, co-host radio show, ad spot
$5,000 Captain of Industry (COI): RWT plus Exec Prod credit on sketch [i], commercial spot on radio show (1 wk)
$10,000 General of Industry (GOI): COI plus cameo in TBS sketch, or golf with Kevin and two of your friends [ii]
$25,000 Descendant of Reagan: GOI plus book signing at private event or appearance by me at public or private event [iii]

[i] No monetary compensation for this role

[ii] Donor must provide travel and accommodations to and from location

[iii] Must work within my schedule, and donor must provide travel and accommodations to and from location

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