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Election after election, we keep expecting the Republicans to save us. It hasn’t happened and it won’t.



In less than TWO years we will make Conservative a POSITIVE term in the black community. We have initiated our project to begin messaging in the black community (and eventually Latino). On June 3, our radio ads began running Washington DC, and will reach about 25 percent of the black population of DC. This may seem small, but people talk. And when black people start hearing OUR message, FROM US, it will create a ripple. And that small ripple will create a political tsunami that the Left fears.

Our audio spot can be heard here.

Other audio spots are being created that showcase the next phase of our support for the black community. Here are examples:

“If you are a black business owner, Tea Party Conservatives want to support your business. We are proud of the more than 100,000 ambassadors*, black business owners who put their time, energy and capital to work. We want to do our small part to help in your continued success. Contact us, so we can determine how to help.” 

“Tea Party Conservatives wants to link eager youths in the black community to black entrepreneurs. We are offering internships to do just that. Our goal is to provide real-life work experience to the industrious. For details, contact…”

We will also respond when the Left says or does something idiotic, like this example where Joe discusses AIDS and the “black sections of my town.”


We are partnered with one of the largest media buyers in America to maximize our reach, and production is underway for additional ads that will include the Hispanic community.

DC is just the beginning, as we will add other major markets, finally targeting battleground states as the election of 2014 nears.

We need as many patriots as possible to donate $20 a month (or more), so we can run continual ads on black (and Hispanic) radio stations in battleground states. 100% of the funds will go towards this effort. [1]

We MUST begin to change things in the black (and Latino) community. Black people believe in conservatism, they just need to HEAR IT!

Thank you,
Freedom Fighter

Kevin Jackson

[1] Including marketing and creative development.


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