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The Kevin Jackson Show

Weekdays from 12PM to 3PM ET
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About the Program

The Kevin Jackson Show started as The Black Sphere Radio Show, which began as a humble program on blogtalk radio in 2009. The show quickly garnered the notice of veteran radio man "Big Dave" Perkins, and Big Dave encouraged Kevin, telling him that he was "made" for radio,, good looks notwithstanding. In short time WGUL's program director agreed and offered Kevin the weekend slot on the station.

A lot has happened since then, as Kevin is now a FOX News Contributor, and is waiting on the next big radio syndication opportunity. On the show Kevin Jackson serves up conservative talk with a fresh helping of sarcasm and humor: he challenges the politics of the left and a culture dominated by Progressives with fresh, funny, insightful common-sense commentary.

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Welcome to the Show

The Kevin Jackson Show is a nationally syndicated Conservative talk-radio show that is really three hours of comedy, revolving around politics and pop culture. Listen 10 minutes, and you will be hooked!

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This Week on the Show...

This week on the show...

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Frequent Guests

Sooper Mexican

El Sooper is a new and social media Sooper Star and will touch on the trending topics of the the day.

Soop is a CONservative, a TeaPartier, a cartoonist, studied in theology, math & philosophy and his writing can be found at and you can follow Soop on Twitter at @SooperMexican.

Don’t miss the Mexy segment for intelligent commentary laced with humor!