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Truth Transcends Color Bumper Sticker

Truth Transcends Color Bumper Sticker


Kevin Jackson’s “RAPid Response Team” RAPTORS T-Shirt!

Become a part of Kevin Jackson’s “RAPid Response Team” called RAPTORS! This team RIGHTS Leftist wherever they raise their heads above the sight line.




Sexy Brilliance … and Other Political Lies (autographed)

Professor and political pundit Michael Eric Dyson said that Obama brought “sexy brilliance to the White House.” I couldn’t help but wonder if Obama had a pet named “Sexy Briliance,” because surely Dyson wasn’t referring to Barack?

Sexy Brilliance is not another historical narrative, but more of an observational journey; an attempt to widen your perspective, and show what is happening today to continue to steal your imagination, dreams, and ambitions.

Sexy Brilliance brings levity to the political discourse in this country. Jackson puts his comedic spin on what is happening in America, and showcases the ironies and hypocrisies of political America.


Pro Life Bumper Pic

Pro-Child Bumper Sticker

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The Big Black Lie

A poignant yet hilarious narrative with his life as the backdrop for a black conservative’s coming-of-age story. Readers are treated to an insightful journey through the eyes of a black kid who had many pressures to succumb to the victimology of Democrats. The product of a broken home, a deadbeat father and poverty, Jackson had all the excuses. Using rapier wit and hilarity, Kevin provides a much needed insight into the black pathology of voting Democrat, and how he escaped to become a conservative Republican.

He explains how Democrats stole the moral high ground from Republicans, and he exposes the widely overlooked history of Democrat racism past and present. Kevin challenges Republicans to reconsider how to take the fight to Democrats and gain America back.

Kevin’s book shows first hand that no one ever has a reason for being a perpetual victim. His raw, revealing, honest story about his father and upbringing only reaffirms that regardless of your circumstances, one can still find a foundation of values and virtues in their lives, that can assure them success in all walks of life. This should be a must read for all high schools and libraries.

$14.95 – OUT OF STOCK


Dreams from My Real Father

If you saw 2016, then Dreams from My REAL Father is a must-see film! This is undoubtedly the most eye-opening film about Barack Obama, and it explains his history like nothing you have seen or heard before. Information acquired by Freedom of Information explains why Obama is so secretive about his life.

Buy one for a Liberal friend and you will convert an Obama supporter for sure!




Extreme Takeover T-shirt

Spread the word on The Black Sphere by becoming part of the MOB, or by showing your view of the present occupant of the White House!




MOB T-shirt

Spread the word on The Black Sphere by becoming part of the MOB, or by showing your view of the present occupant of the White House!


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