The evolution of a blog …

I began my blog in Oct of 2008. It was meant to educate my extended family made up primarily of Democrats. A stranger read my blog and commented that I had a powerful message that should be more widely read.

He began helping me push out the message, but I had no idea how much work was involved. By July 2009, I left my career as a management consultant and began blogging full time. Little did I know the change that would occur in my life, financially and otherwise.

It’s a few years later, and I’m significantly “lighter of wallet” than I was when I was employed by “the man.” Though it has been an amazing sacrifice, I wouldn’t change a thing.

My team, The Black Sphere is comprised of people who have similar stories to me. We combined to fight the battle in our own small ways, hoping our collective efforts will help change this country back to OUR vision.

My blog, The Black Sphere was never about me. It was meant to give voices to many patriots fighting the good fight, but not knowing how to grow their voices. Talented people willing to invest in America’s future.

I hope you enjoy the website, and the fabulous writers who have joined me in our struggle to regain our freedom from tyranny.

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