Unhyphenated America

Unhyphenated America is an important project to end identity politics, and UA will offer an alternative to groups like La Raza and the NAACP.

For far too long the race-based groups have dominated the thought emanating from the minority communities.  These groups are detrimental to America’s greatness, which is the oneness of our diversity.

Zo of Macho Sauce Productions

Unhyphenated America will provide an alternative voice in minority communities, by developing more Conservative minority leaders.

So where you see some race-based group demagoguing an issue, you will likely see Unhyphenated America offering the alternative voice in the minority America, and we believe the voice of America in general.

The potential impact of Unhyphenated America is staggering.  Unhyphenated America will put fear in the Left, as we siphon away minorities who have longed for a group like ours that promotes Conservative values.

Unhyphenated America will also embolden minority Conservatives who have been afraid to speak out. Those underrepresented minority voices will now have a powerful partner…the collective voice of tens, perhaps hundred of thousands of other minority Conservatives, and those who support an Unhyphenated America.

So please support us and this effort.  We are the right group at the right time!

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