Why the ads?

FrustrationI get messages from time to time, asking me why my website has so many pop-ups and ads. Many people threaten to leave my site, and I can attest from my stats that many have.

I’d like to take a moment to explain things.

I get up at 5:30 a.m. (or earlier) every morning and begin my job. My job is writing about the lunacy of Liberalism and the world we live in. I do my job 100 PERCENT, with no equivocation.

People come to my website and enjoy my work product for free, and all I ask is for a bit of indulgence with pop-ups and ads, with the understanding that you pay me nothing, yet you enjoy my work.

Because of my work I get death threats routinely. Imagine going to your job and getting death threats for expressing your personal opinion on how to make this country better.

When people are not threatening to kill me, they tell me how badly they’d like to “kick my ass,” or torture me or my family.

On the more benign end of the spectrum I am called a host of things that I doubt you would like to be called on a DAILY basis, things like coon ass nigger, Step-n-Fetchit, Uncle Ruckus, Uncle Tom, and those are the more affable names.

There is not a day I wake up, from sunrise to sunset, that I don’t deal with this nonsense. And if you think I get weekends off, you don’t know Liberals. Liberals keep a 7-day a week, 24-hour cycle of viciousness going.

I have passed up many financially lucrative job opportunities to continue down this path, and I can’t tell you how many days I have not wanted to care about politics, web stats or follow the never-ending news cycle. I’d just like to enjoy life, like an ordinary citizen. God and I have had many talks about my mission, me mostly frustrated that he has me on this path.

But I have stayed the course, because God tells me to do so. Also, because of the occasional words of encouragement from the many people who follow my work. And finally because of the messages where people say that I gave them hope in a time of struggle. They like knowing that a true Christian Conservative warrior is guarding the line.

Kevin with Marines

Ads on my website make a small but necessary contribution to my income. It is the price somebody else is paying for you to enjoy my work, my passion, for free. What we earn from these ads is not nearly enough to pay bills or to pay for any protection I might eventually need for me or my family. We remain constantly vigilant, as there is nobody else to protect us.

I spoke with my support team, and we will offer a “member” site, where you can get more content, ad-free. For those who wish to get a bit more of an insider view of things that non-members will not, they will have access for a small annual fee.

But until then, you will see those annoying ads. I just hope you remember this message about why they are there.

Thanks for your support.