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About The Program

The Black Sphere Radio Show began as a humble program on blogtalk radio in 2009, but quickly garnered the notice of veteran radio man "Big Dave." Dave encouraged Kevin, saying he was "made" for radio, and in short time WGUL's program director agreed and offered Kevin the weekend slot.

Kevin's conservative talk show is now carried live on two Salem Communications stations, WGUL and WLSS, with plans for expansion to more stations and markets.

Kevin serves up conservative talk with a fresh helping of sarcasm and humor: he challenges the politics of the left and a culture dominated by Progressives with fresh, funny, insightful common-sense commentary.

Kevin can be heard daily here:


Call-in number: 877-969-8600

Kevin can be heard weekends at:

The 405

Kevin does weekly hits on the following:

7:45A Jamie Allman KFTK 97.1 FM
8:45A Brian Sussman KSFO
9:00A Gary Nolan KEGL 93.9 FM

New Media

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This week ...

This week on The Black Sphere Radio Show Kevin hosts:


SooperMexican at 10:20pm EST


El Sooper is a new and social media Sooper Star and will touch on the trending topics of the the day.

Soop is a CONservative, a TeaPartier, a cartoonist, studied in theology, math & philosophy and his writing can be found at and you can follow Soop on Twitter at @SooperMexican.

Don’t miss the Mexy segment for intelligent commentary laced with humor!



“Ask a Liberal” with Christy Setzer at 9:20pm EST


Christy Setzer, President and CEO of New Heights Communications, brings 15 years of experience providing smart, creative, and hard-hitting communications strategies to the political, advocacy and corporate arenas.

Christy worked as national media director at Planned Parenthood and the Service Employees International Union, and is a frequent commentator for Fox News, offering perspective from the Left.


Amy Lutz at 10:20pm EST

Amy 1

Amy is the Editor of A New Voice and is a graduate of St. Louis University with a degree in History. She has been a contributor at TheCollegeConservative for over a year and has served as Assistant Editor for TCC since January.

During her college career, Amy has served as the Chair of the SLU College Republicans, Vice-Chair of the Missouri College Republicans, a policy intern at the Show-Me Institute, and as an intern at the Dana Loesch Radio Show.



Tami Jackson 10:20pm ET


Black Sphere Editor, Tami Jackson is a life-long Conservative embedded in her once red state of Oregon. The grand-daughter of (legal) Norwegian immigrants.
Tami is a Christian, the “mom” of one Persian cat (Omar), a 2nd Amendment aficionado and NRA Certified, Editor In Chief of her site, host of the Tami Jackson Radio Show and permanent fill-in host for the Bill Post Radio Show (2nd largest talk show in Oregon).

Follow Tami on Twitter at @tamij


Tim Young at 10:40pm EST

Tim is a comic, bestselling author, political pundit, and contributor to HuffPo. Follow Tim at TimRunsHisMouth on Twitter.



Tim Wilkins at 10:15pm EST


While watching greats like Hope, Cosby, and Carson, all Tim Wilkins wanted to be when he grew up was a standup comedian.  Today that dream is more alive than ever as he is a 20 year veteran stand-up comedian, TV and radio personality, speaker and writer, who has performed on stages around the world.

In every venue Tim prides himself on keeping his comedy clean and hilarious for every age without sacrificing the “edge” that truly makes stand-up an art.

See more about Tim at and follow Tim on Twitter at @RealTimWilkins.


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