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“Million Man March” Unifies Haters of America; Socialists; Black Nationalists; and Moslems

The Obama Admin’s Latest Scheme Would Help More Illegal Aliens Avoid Deportation–Including Terrorists

Oregon Community Snubs Obama

A Few Rules for the Next GOP Speaker

McConnell, You’re Next

MUST SEE VIDEO: Ted Cruz Discusses DC Lies and Liars

Emails Showcase Hillary Clinton Dumber than Obama

Trump On Islamic Terrorists: They’re Not Swedish!

Trump On Foreign Policy: “I Wanna Be Unpredictable!”

Hillary Clinton’s Desperate Fundraising Email

Iraqi Christians to Be Deported, Syrians to Be Welcomed

Europe’s Migrant Crisis Poses High Risk to US National Security via the Visa Waiver Program

Bill Clinton Trying to Stay Out of Prison

Clinton: Obama Beat Me In 2008 Because He’s Black

Comedian Cruz Cracks Jokes

A Look at German Refugees

America – How the Tables have Turned and Turned the Constitution Against Itself

Hillary Clinton Sick?

Anthony Weiner’s Wife Huma Abedin Joins Twitter To Hype “Islamophobia”

Clinton Describes Herself In Three Words: “I Am A Real Person!”

We Got the Latest Numbers on Acceptable Terrorists to the United States

Jesse Jackson Jr Out of Prison in Time to Run for President

Guess Who the Left Wants to Run for President Now?

Trump: Not Obligated to Defend Obama

Biden to Enter Race in Oct?

What Laura Ingraham Thinks About the Bashing of Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton Being Abandoned

Speak American: Bush v Trump

Hillary’s Desperation Showing in her Fundraising

Carly’s Face Isn’t Running for President?

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