Lewinsky is BACK and Hillary isn’t happy

Hillary with Billary

In the wake of Hillary Clinton distancing herself from the Weiner affair, with Clinton’s public stoning of former aide Huma Abedin, here comes Lewinsky v1.1.

Leave it to the National Enquirer to do the job that the regular media is now allowing illegals to do. Holy ghost of Richard Nixon, it appears the National Enquirer may have a tape that supposedly has Monica Lewinsky, former White House intern planning a secret sexual meeting with then president Bill “Octavius” Clinton and proclaiming to her paramour she’s “too cute and adorable” to be ignored.

The recording, made in November 1997 at the height of the pair’s sexual affair, is three minutes, 47 seconds long, and is addressed to “handsome.”

In Bill Clinton’s {ahem} defense, his voice is not heard on the tape, as only Lewinsky’s is. Apparently the tape was supposed to be destroyed, but was found near Obama’s real birth certificate.


According to sources who have heard the tape, Lewinsky is heard trying to seduce Clinton, saying:

“I could take my clothes off and start … well … I know you wouldn’t enjoy that? I hope to see you later and I hope you will follow my script and do what I want.”

One thing is for sure, and that is this 16 year old story is not following Hillary’s script to be the first {ahem} female POTUS. Hillary will learn in this next presidential election cycle that she has many ghosts.



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