Servers Stunned with $200 Tip!

This video brings to mind old, old Candid Camera meets Extreme Makeover: wait persons at a fast food establishment are surprised with a $200 tip.

Their reactions are PRICELESS!

Leave it to a Blaze employee to come up with this wonderful plan. The Blaze’s  tells the story :

Andrew Hales — the 23-year-old TheBlaze told you about in July who works only four hours a week and makes awkward viral videos — has struck again. But not in the way you might think.

Instead of awkwardly holding stranger’s hands or taking shelter under their umbrellas, Hales latest viral video took on a more touching twist.

He wanted to record the reaction of restaurant servers getting a huge tip — $200 to be exact.

On his YouTube channel LAHWF, which stands for “Losing All Hope Was Freedom” (it’s part of a quote from Fight Club), Hales and his buddy ask servers about the biggest tip they had ever received. One woman said $100. A male server said $50.

To another waitress, Hales asks how much she would like to be tipped.

“$1 million,” she joked, then saying whatever they wanted to tip her would be fine.

Leaving the $200 tip, Hales wrote “I am the new record holder” on a slip of paper. This man, upon finding the tip, blows the generous patrons a kiss through the window.

Although not breaking news, every once in a while a story like this heals our “weary to death of bad news” hearts and brings a smile.

There has always been, and will always continue to be tragic stories to cover. But a little inspirational gem such as Andrew Hales’ “Operation Big Tip” gives a welcome relief to the flood sad events.


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