The “I’m no longer a man” defense for murder

When I see stories like this, the more I think we should all consider joining the LGBT!

You might literally get away with MURDER!

A former man-turn-woman says that he is not responsible for the death of three prostitutes, because he is literally no longer that man. Technically, it’s true. This is better than multiple personality disorder, i.e. my “other self” did it. This is better than, “I did it in my SLEEP!”

Talk about getting an “A” for creativity, according to this report from Liberty Unyielding, this former man had this to say about his former self:

Some observers might say that Donna Perry has a lethal injection coming, but the serial killer of three Spokane women in 1990 would argue she has a thank you coming. Perry, who claims it was not her but her former male self, Douglas, who committed the murders, insists moreover that her elective sex reassignment surgery took a vicious killer off the streets. When someone goes from being male to female, she maintains, “there’s a great downturn in violence” and she had her sex change operation “as a permanent way to control” Douglas Perry’s violent urges.

Why would you want to be something you DETEST enough to kill!? This dude stops being a man, then promptly throws men under the bus!


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