Barack Lecter in Silence of the Dems

Ferguson, Missouri on high alert for potential violence, riots and looting yet America’s post-racial president remains silent, except for yelling “Fore!”

The president called for a discussion of race when he threw his white grandmother under the bus, yet now when the nation needs his leadership to avoid yet another racial crisis on his watch, he’s MIA.

He sided with “blackness” in Gates-Gate, when the Cambridge police questioned Professor Gates for breaking into his own home.

“The police acted stupidly,” Obama said.


Obama stoked racial tension with thug Trayvon Martin, and his Attorney General Holder called America a nation of cowards when it comes to race.

In both the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown shootings, Holder butted in, not for law and order, but merely to escalate the racism discussion.

These two law and order guys never quell the discord of racial tension, and in fact and fuel and fan the flames.

If there is riot or violence in Ferguson, the fault will lie at the Muslim-bathed feet of Barack Obama. And where are the Democrats urging for non-violence, once the obvious decision comes from the grand jury?

It’s time for Obama and Democrats to stop playing games with people’s lives and “man up” to ignorance. I guess the first step is admitting they are ignorant.

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