Black Liberal terrorists intimidate black pastor

Do black Liberals even realize that they act worse than the Mafia and the KKK, and really are just terrorists?

Barkley got it right when he said that black Liberals are their own worst enemies. Talk about the height of ignorance, when black Liberals threaten other blacks, in this case IL Pastor Corey Brooks, who no longer think like the black “collective.”

The very idea that black Liberals believe there IS “black think” is insulting. These racists want to tell grown men and women not to think for themselves. Think black or die!

So this pastor gets called everything but a child of God, because he has an OPINION! HIS opinion. Because of his opinion, Brooks said he received the five phone calls. He was able to record one of them, and the knuckledragger who called is a pansy-guy, who disguised his voice with a voice changing filter.

“We on you boy, we on you. And you ain’t got nobody that can stop us, nobody. Who you go [to] the deacons? They can’t stop us. We going to beat your fat a– in front of your mama congregation Sunday. Yeah we going to steal the sheep of the hypocrite. You’s a hypocrite we going to beat your fat a– in front of your own congregation. Who you got that…f— we going to beat their a– too. They can’t protect you. You sell out you Uncle Tom a– n—–. You token. You a puppet for Bruce Rauner you puppet n—– a–. P—- a– n—–,”

That is how the tolerant Left, black Liberals treat people who won’t THINK IGNORANT!

Have you EVER seen or heard of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, et al standing up for pastors like this?Think Holder will involve the FBI in this threat against this man’s civil rights? Think Obama will have a beerfest for this?

If you wonder why black people won’t speak out against nonsense like “hands up, don’t shoot,” you likely now have an idea.

These terrorists trying to intimidate this pastor need to know that America will stand up for this man; that we are not afraid of their threats! I’m certainly not.

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