Olbermann/Clinton: A story of unrequited tingle

Have you seen Keith Olbermann’s love letter to Bill Clinton?

Talk about your unrequited Bromance!

Olbermann hosted a show on MSNBC show that was obsessed with Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky.  Apparently Olbermann disagreed with the editorial content, but still wanted to cash those fat checks.

In what I call Olbermann’s “Love Letter to Bill”, Olbermann wanted to explain his undying devotion:

“. . .whatever part I may have played in perpetuating this ceaseless coverage. . .I’ll be heading back to my previous career in sports as quickly as possible,”

WH aide assisted Olbermann.  He even passed around evidence that Olbermann confronted then-MSNBC president Andrew Lack about the Lewinsky coverage, and tried to break his contract.


Unfortunately for Olbermann, Clinton rolls with ugly white women,  and thus Olbermann received a form letter:

“Dear Keith: Thanks so much for your kind message. I’ve been touched by the many expressions of.encouragement and support I have received from friends across the country. I’m grateful you got in touch with me, and I send you my very best wishes. Sincerely, POTUS.”

Though this is a form letter, Olbermann likely has the letter framed over his canopy bed that would make Liberace blush.


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