Guess who gets illegals’ ObamaCare bill?

Obama said that illegal won’t get tax-funded Obamacare?

The same man who told us “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor…if you like your insurance…” wants us to believe him THIS time!

Yes, I’m afraid there is another bait and switch afoot; and we play-by-the-rules rubes are getting hung by the short hairs.  We really are funding those who live here illegally, and here’s how:


Legal immigrants enroll and can add dependents to their policy, no matter their citizenship status. While the policy holder could have been fined for doing this, this is no longer the case.

Obama claims the illegals to whom he just gave amnesty will not be eligible for federal benefits.  However, Medi-Cal, a State level program, serves as a tax-funded catastrophe-type policy for non-citizens.  Furthermore, several pro-illegal states reimburse doctors and clinics for services outside emergencies.

In theory, 115,0000 customers got the boot for failure to prove their citizenship status.  The truth is that provision is on hold, due to immigration groups protestations. Their claims are the cancellation notices were not written in their native language.  And if that isn’t ironic enough, they are also complaining that having to prove their legal status violated customers’ rights as immigrants.


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