Campaigner-in-Chief is the Regulator-in-Chief

Obama Admin Added $762 MILLION In Regulations A DAY In 2014.

You read that right…$762,000,000 per day! The government could create 762 millionaires PER DAY!


According to the Daily Caller:

President Obama promised he would use his pen and phone to push through his agenda in 2014. A new study shows Obama lived up to his promise, imposing $762 million in regulatory costs everyday the government was open last year.

A study by the center-right American Action Forum found the Obama administration imposed $181.5 billion in regulatory costs on the U.S. economy in 2014 from the 79,066 pages of new, proposed and final rules.

The massive wave of regulations impose costs of $692 per voter as well as $762 million in regulatory costs per day the government was open in 2014, according to AAF. Last year, federal regulators passed six rules that could cost more than $1 billion a year, along with 39 rulemakings that could cost over $100 million a year.

One of the most egregious areas is in WEATHER, in Obama’s regulations of CO2.

“The year was highlighted by EPA’s proposed “Clean Power Plan” (CPP), which the administration admitted would raise electricity prices by more than six percent by 2020, not to mention the $8.8 billion price tag,” wrote Sam Batkins, AAF’s director of regulatory policy.

The CPP requires states to come up with plans to cut carbon dioxide emissions from their power sectors. The rule is expected to accelerate coal-fired power plant shutdowns and raise retail electricity rates between 6 and 7 percent in the coming years.

The EPA says the rule will cut U.S. power sector emissions 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. The White House and its environmental allies say the rule is necessary to fight global warming and spur an international treaty.

“Amazingly, the CPP was not the most expensive measure in 2014. EPA’s proposed ozone rule, which could force dozens of state and national parks into non-attainment, could impose $15 billion in costs,” Batkins wrote.

Obama has the most expensive pen and phone in the history of this country.


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