Barack’s bully beatdown

Bullies have existed since Cain slew Able. And despite government meddling, you can’t legislate them out, especially with butt-kissing Democrats and cowardly Republicans in Congress.

Bullies are empowered by the enabling feasts of cowards and sycophants.

The mandated school treatment of bullies throughout America may seem appropriate; but it does a disservice to the bullied when they graduate, drop out, or commit suicide.

If you want to get people to stop picking on you, turn and face them.

Look in their eyes, and take a Howard Beale moment, and tell them you’re mad as hell and you aren’t gonna take it anymore!


Of course, you need to be wise about this. You want to stand up to the bully under circumstances that will least likely leave you beaten up, fired—or worse. And since bullies, by nature, are cowards, they must be isolated to be dealt with properly. Here are a few guidelines:

1. After a threat, try to dissuade him with logic—be reasonable—and make a record of it. You could even accept an invitation from the bully’s enemy to make a speech to a joint session of Congress. That’ll get his attention but it will induce more aggression. Give it a shot anyways.

2. If he doesn’t stop the attacks, make plans to take things to the next level. There’s no doubt he will hurt himself with reasonable supporters. He can’t help but be petulant.

3. Resolve to beat the bully cleanly if you can but if he fights dirty—like trying to steal your country’s election using stolen taxpayer money to pay for it—lose the handcuffs.

4. Don’t let the bully gang up on you. Convince as many Dems and Independents how much better off they’d be supporting you. After all, if the bully releases classified information about your country’s defense, what might he say or do to Dems—Hillary and Senator Menendez?

5. Once you know he won’t settle, it’s time to go on offense. Lead as many of your supporters as will follow. Make sure they know your country is at stake. Do not lead from behind!

6. Take responsibility. If you screw up, admit it. Don’t blame things you’re responsible for on previous administrations.

7. Don’t settle for one victory when you can get two. Let the petulant one try to bully the population of your country during its elections. Then show him up by coming from behind and winning in a landslide. Then watch him freely display the psychopathology Dr. Ben Carson diagnosed him with.

8. Consult those enemies who may despise your bully more than they hate you, AKA Saudi Arabia, The UAE, Tunisia, Bahrain, Oman, Turkey, Qatar, Jordan and Egypt. After all, the last two have upheld long-lasting treaties with you. They are all scared of ISIS and a nuclear Iran. A call to the head of NATO may not be a wasted one.

Fifty-Seven Muslim States—57 United States—Coincidence?

Of course, this bully won’t come at you man-to-man because he has shown in the past how he loves and identifies with your enemies and despises Jews trying to survive in their own state.

He is not a fighter like you. His only jobs consisted of assistant Constitutional teacher and community organizer. He is charismatic and can deliver a heck of rousing speech—and he uses Greek columns and a Teleprompter. He served a short stint as a state and US senator. His claim-to-fame was his “Present” votes. One that made it possible to murder aborted babies comes to mind. Sorta reveals his character. What’s more defenseless than a baby, already weakened by an abortion attempt?

He has no time for a soldier who fought in three wars and was a commando during other excursions. While the bully was getting high, his antagonist was being shot at—one time successfully. This soldier was like his brother, Yanaten who was killed while saving over 100 Jews from Palestinian/Muslim terror homicides in the raid on Entebbe, July 4th, 1976.

The bully doesn’t have time for our armed forces, but he’ll take an afternoon off to parade the parents of a known deserter and possible traitor in the Rose Garden. He’s up against a man who put his life at jeopardy to protect his country during his youth, not explore how much pot you could inhale in a closed van with fellow Choom Gangers.

There are 7.5 million Jews in Israel. There are 1.5 billion Muslims with 57 countries, most who discriminate against Jews and Christians and hate America and want to bury it. Their brethren are responsible for almost all of the terror attacks in the last 43 years.

Knowing those odds, who do you think the bully would back?

And you thought I couldn’t write a whole piece without mentioning the leader of the free world. Ha!

Binyamin Netanyahu, the NEWLY elected Prime Minister of the Jewish State, Israel.

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