Olbermann’s wet dream

Keith Olbermann has March Madness, but it’s not because of college hoops!

Olbermann’s panties are crawling up his butt-crack, as he finds it hard to believe that in Obama’s America, there is a state that says entrepreneurs can serve whom they want.

If a business owner doesn’t want to bake a gay cake, he doesn’t have to in Indiana.

And why should you? Just because you have a business, doesn’t mean you must serve everybody. It could be based on religious values or you might just not like a patron’s attitude. Or maybe your auto mechanic shop doesn’t work on Porsches.

The governor of Indiana, Mike Pence signed a bill that allows Indiana businesses the ability to opt out of doing business, if they choose. Sounds suspiciously like CHOICE to me?!

Because of Pence’s stance on “business choice,” failed politico turned “sports” announcer, Keith Olbermann was back in business. Olbermann now wants to send Indiana a message by cancelling the Final Four basketball tournament there, despite the fact that 18 states already have similar legislation.


Or, Keith … put your money where your mouth is. Why not boycott all Indiana sports in your show and see what happens? There’s nothing that says you have to cover the NCAA tourney, right? And why not call for a boycott of the 18 other states that have laws similar to the one just signed into law in Indiana?

The boycott possibilities are endless!

I’d say boycott Olbermann, however nobody watches him anyway.

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