Diversity: Wackademia About to Get Taste of Its Own Medicine

Diversity is coming to Wackademia, and all I can say is, “It’s about time!”

It seems that while Leftist wackademics have been preaching diversity, they haven’t been practicing what preach.

While corporations have been forced to hire the Affirmative Action crowd, which has led to the demise of companies in America, wackademia has managed to escape this forced dumbing down of the workforce. But not anymore.

According to ABC News, the jig is up.

If the University of¬†Missouri¬†succeeds in meeting a student demand for a faculty that’s 10 percent black in two years, it will likely be alone among its peers.

No state’s “flagship” public university campus had a black faculty population approaching that level, and only a handful topped even the 5 percent mark, an Associated Press analysis of 2013 federal data found.

The norm on most of the main campuses was a faculty that was between 2 percent and 4 percent black, the data showed.

Universities are well aware that staff and student bodies often don’t match, administrators and experts say, and demonstrations and discussions around the country in recent days have driven home the point.

Fresh from a two-hour “listening session” Friday, University of Massachusetts Senior Vice Provost John McCarthy said students made clear the need for change.

These young wackademics are in full fledged assault.

“It was the biggest auditorium we have and undergraduates of color were standing up and talking about the fact that they need to see more faculty of color in the classroom, they need to see more faculty that look like them, they need to see faculty who are more familiar with their experiences as students of color,” McCarthy said.

It’s the difference between feeling understood and the pressure of being seen as representing a race, students and others said.

“There’s a difference in the learning experience that you have when you’re learning from someone you believe you can identify with more closely,” said Micah Oliver, 21, president of the Black Student Association at the University at Buffalo.

So black kids can only learn from black mentors. Thankfully James Brown didn’t believe this, as he had a Jewish man for a mentor. Oprah Winfrey was mentored by a white man as well. And there are numerous other big named blacks who had mentoring from whites. The truth be told, white people take more a real interest in blacks than blacks.

I speak from personal experience that if I had waited on blacks to mentor me, I wouldn’t be black, I’d be blue from HOLDING MY BREATH!

This country had gotten over the nonsense of “ethnicity” for the most part, until Obama. Some say he opened up the wound that had been festering, but I say he may not have created the wound but he damn sure infected it.

Why shouldn’t wackademia be as dumbed down as the rest of America, as it has to deal with quotas?! How fitting would that be. The only thing perhaps more ironic is that black kids are leaving Historically Black Colleges and Universities only to go to “non-black” schools and ask for more black culture.

Only in Liberal America!


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