Hillary Clinton: The Ronda Rousey of the Democrats

The only thing more shocking than the Ronda Rousey dismantling at the hands of Holly Holm will be the dismantling Hillary Clinton gets on election night in 2016.

Like Rousey, Clinton is the sure bet for the Left to be the next president of the United States. The hype of Clinton can only be matched by the over-hyping of Ronda Rousey by the UFC, who made Rousey the second coming of the Gracies, the holy family of jiu-jitsu.

Here is a video of Rousey after weigh-in, where you can see she believes her own press.

Rousey stepped in the ring a 20-to-1 favorite over Holm, and they might as well have called the undercard, “The Ronda Rousey Showcase.” Just about every commercial I watched leading up to the big match was Rousey pitching some product. I can only imagine the money spent by the UFC promoting Rousey, including the commercial she did with Cain Velasquez, the men’s heavyweight champion, where Rousey proclaims that she might be able to hold that belt as well.

So much for allowing a fighting sport be “masculin.” Don’t worry, I will get back to the dude Hillary in just a bit.

I had never heard of Holm, since I don’t much follow the women. After all, the way the UFC promoted Rousey, it was pretty much, “Meet the next victim of Ronda Rousey.” I would shake my head after each of her fights as marshmallow after marshmallow were served up. I knew a black chick in junior high named Marjie who could whoop up on Rhonda. In this latest bout, we were reminded that Rousey had beaten her last three opponents in less than 64 seconds.

Dana White, who was noticeably shaken by the Rousey loss, laughingly said that he thought it would be a good fight when he made the match-up. Perhaps. But he didn’t think it would be that good! Dana was doing setup fights for Rousey, building her persona. Rousey bought into it. Hillary Clinton is in a similar situation. Easy opponents and setup fights.

Like Clinton, Rousey wasn’t tested. Worse yet, short fights don’t allow you to go into deep water, to test your mettle. A fighter winning fights in seconds has a tendency to become complacent with “one style fits all.” As a fighter, one thing you’d better learn at an early age is every fight is different, as is every fighter. There is a reason a good fighter will “feel out” his opponent, particularly if he has no video on him.

When I saw the pre-fight showcase of Holly Holm, to say I was impressed is a gross understatement. I was floored. And I was even more impressed when Joe Rogan, the man who said of Rousey that she was a “once in a lifetime fighter” explained that Holly Holm was both a champion boxer and kickboxer. I happen to be proficient in both areas, and what I saw of Holm made me shout in an uncontrolled utterance:

“Now that chick can beat Rousey!”


Holm’s strikes were surgical against her opponents, and I only saw the 30 second sizzle reel. Holm showcased her moves, as kickboxers know how to move and establish angles. Finally, kick boxers know how to kick as the name implies.

The only other times I had this same feeling was when I proclaimed to friends that if Holyfield were to move up from Cruiserweight, he could beat Tyson. Buster Douglas beat Holyfield to the mark, but Holyfield would make my prediction a reality.

I didn’t see the fight, but caught highlights. It was as I would have predicted. Rousey had a Plan A: overwhelm and destroy. Holm had multiple plans, the first of which was to keep Rousey at the end of her fists. Holm’s plan worked, Rousey’s didn’t. Rousey did the wrong thing, and invested more heavily into Plan A. She got desperate and tight, and Holm made her look like an amateur. The outcome for Holm was an EASY victory over the UFC-proclaimed “baddest woman on the planet.”

Back to Hillary Clinton, who for the Democrats represents the baddest woman on the planet.

I suggest Hillary Clinton watch the tape of that fight, not that it will help. Because if Hillary Clinton is the Democrat nominee, she is just Rhonda Rousey. A lot of hype, and no ability to win against a well-rounded opponent.

Republicans have our Holly Holm.


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