Chi-Raq: Black Liberals’ Dirty Laundry

Black Conservatives are often chastised (or threatened) by the black community for airing the dirty laundry in “black” culture. Black Liberals say to us, “Why can’t you just be down with the struggle.”

What struggle? I know of no place in the world where blacks are treated more human, than America, and that includes all of Africa.

The problem in America for blacks is Liberal blacks, and Liberals blacks know this. Spike Lee’s new film Chi-Raq exposes two problems occurring in the black community, and Angela Bassett, one of the film’s stars points out the first, as reported by Breitbart:

She indicated that many Chicago leaders are not happy with the fact that Lee’s film shines a light on Chicago gun violence. But she said the truth must be told.

She said, “Sometimes you don’t want those outside the family to know that’s what’s going on, but it’s something that needs to be known,” she said. “When you get down to it, Spike loves his community. He loves filmmaking, so it’s going to be a positive thing. It’s for the good.”

That’s right; family. The film shines the light on black behavior. But there is another glaring problem exposed by Chi-Raq, and that is the problem of Democrat Liberal Progressives.

In Chi-Raq, Lee chastises the city of Chicago for the violence in the black community, where the Democrat Liberal “Progressive” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said of black gang violence,

“Take it to the alley!”

It seems that Spike Lee has finally gotten his ethno-centric, Democrat-loving boney ass on the right trail of who is the real problem for blacks. Democrats.

I’m not blaming Emanuel for violence in black communities, because he’s not doing the drive-bys. However, it is these so-called “Progressives” who allow the madness to occur.

It is Progressives who have the police under fire for doing their jobs, which are unfortunately disproportionately done in black communities, and not by choice. It is Progressive policies that have led to the destruction of the family, ergo the proliferation of hooligans and miscreants that fill our streets, prisons, and schools.

Presently there is discussion of letting reprobate, degenerates get away with bad behavior in schools because they are black, and blacks have exceeded the quota for bad behavior. We now must “spread the discipline around” even if it is to kids who are not misbehaving.

Progressives have created this dysfunctional ecosystem, and Spike Lee is finding out how things work, when you poke the bully.

Breitbart News previously reported that Lee said Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel made the filming of Chi-Raq as difficult as possible. He said that Emanuel was “a bully” who did not want Lee to portray things as they really are in Chicago. He said Emanuel “summoned” him to City Hall for a meeting, but it did not dissuade him.

Instead, Lee said, “He’s not gonna bully me. My tactic with the mayor–any bully–is to come out swinging.”

That’s right, bully. Progressives launch their anti-bullying campaigns, because that’s how bullies try to keep you from knowing who the real bullies are. The more Spike Lee goes into the underbelly of Progressive politics, the more he will see the truth.

Blacks in America are overwhelmingly outstanding people, living the American Dream. But there is a cancerous segment that gets far too much attention, and who needs to be policed by society. These raucous and dangerous blacks need to be made to understand that America doesn’t fear them, and we won’t build policies that enable them.

One other note. Lee blames guns for the violence, so don’t think he’s found complete sanity. But he did take a good first step in calling out Emanuel. Next, he may actually connect the dots that lead him to better understanding that guns are NOT the problem in the black community. Liberalism is.

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