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Conservative talker chooses an alternate form of distribution

ST LOUIS, MO – November 30, 2015. Conservative talk show host KEVIN JACKSON, who was called a “rising star” by Sean Hannity earlier this year, has decided to leave USA Radio Networks.

Jackson’s increasingly affiliated nationally syndicated radio show, heard coast-to-coast in some of America’s largest cities every weekday from 12pm to 3pm ET, will continue with independent syndication and delivery.

About his departure, Jackson said “My initial conversations with the new owners about building a new network around my show were promising but never materialized. It was evident to me that the group was not clear in their direction, certainly not as it pertained to my show. I felt we could accelerate the success that we created by going it alone.”

The KEVIN JACKSON SHOW is on a mission to bring an end to identity politics with no-holds-barred, common sense, conservative values. Jackson is a contributor on the FOX NEWS NETWORK, appearing regularly on the Sean Hannity Show, Megyn Kelly, and Bill O’Reilly as well as other national news networks.

USA Radio Networks operated under the name of Cross Platform Media Group and was recently sold to Anthem Broadcasting LLC, a start-up owned by Liftable Media. The network also recently lost syndicated radio talk show host Steve Deace.

“I’m looking forward to the future now that I don’t have a financially strapped network chained to my back,” Jackson commented. “But I wish them all the luck.”

The Kevin Jackson Show affiliation will be handled by veteran affiliate relations representative Beth Maranville of THE SHOW MUST GO ON! Interested radio stations or groups should call 770-843-2009 for affiliation and delivery details.


About Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson is Executive Director of The Black Sphere, LLC, a best-selling author, syndicated radio show host, and frequent guest of Fox News. Kevin does weekly radio hits on The Sean Hannity Show, Lars Larson, John Gibson, and many others, and his articles appear weekly in multiple publications.

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