Santa Has an AK-47 and Answers to the Name Ahmed

Christmas time is here. It’s that time of year when Liberal Americas seek out the very capitalists they despise, in order to get their spoiled unappreciated brats things they won’t care about in less than two days.

Yes, it’s a FESTIVE time of year, especially for Christians, all wrapped up in our Conservative traditions.

Like remembering the birth of baby Jesus; the REAL Messiah, and not that fake one that Liberals worship; the one who was born August 4, 1961. Ironically, that’s the day many Conservatives believe the Anti-Christ was born. Go figure.


The man who believe you can spend your way out of debt is not about to let his Muslim brothers stop Americans from trying. Obama says,

America is SAFE!

If you like your safety, you can KEEP your safety!         

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ISIS has said it will strike America and Germany soon, but don’t fret.

I’m not sure what Americans will do on Christmas, but I should warn you that the Santa Claus coming down your chimney might be a bit more brown this year, have a bushy black beard , be wearing a flak jacket, carrying an AK-47, and answer to the man of Ahmed.

And if your Elf on the Shelf comes wears black, covers his face, and answers to Mohammed, remember:

If you see something, say something!



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