Trump Might Have Something Else Mexico Can Pay For

Our focus has been on the wall Trump wants to build between the U.S. and Mexico, but he might want to look a bit lower.

As reported by ABC News, it’s the tunnels that seem to be bringing over the most contraband.

Federal authorities raided a U.S.-Mexico tunnel on Wednesday as a part of a 16-month investigation that led to 4 arrests and seizure of just under 3,000 pounds of marijuana.

The tunnel runs about 415 yards from a restaurant in Mexicali, Mexico and ends in the living room of a three-bedroom house in a residential area of Calexico, CA , a border city east of San Diego.

This is the first “highly sophisticated and operational” tunnel discovered in Calexico in a decade, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland SecurityInvestigations’ (HSI), which ran the operation.

This is also the first time that drug traffickers are known to have purchased property and built a house for the sole purpose of hiding a drug tunnel in the area, said U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of California Laura Duffy.

I suggest along with making Mexico pay for the wall, we make them pay for destroying the tunnels!

As we learned from the escape of El Chapo, Mexicans seem to be very good at digging tunnels.


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