Leftist Losers and their Phony Protests

How’s this for irony: violence and chaos from people supposedly “scared” of a Trump presidency.

Riots break out in California and Oregon. Are we surprised that two of the most Liberal states in the country don’t like that Trump wiped the floors clean with Hillary Clinton’s ass?

“Take it like a [insert gender or non-gender term of choice here], Liberals.”

When Conservatives were forced to swallow worthless Barack Obama, twice, we didn’t need to see our shrinks or take sick days from work. I’m shocked that Liberals haven’t proposed extra money on EBT cards for the election weary welfare recipients, particularly blacks. After all, black Liberals are losing their messiah, and the fat girl lost. Thus, she can’t continue his policies of hurting blacks. Ouch, that has to hurt, right?

Let’s not forget how difficult this news hits Millennials. Liberals have shrinks and guidance counselors on standby. Suicide hotlines are blowing up. Some colleges allow these pansies to skip exams and remain in their safe spaces. Sure, that will prepare them for the world called Candyland.

When they just can’t take it anymore, Liberals are paid to riot, per Alinsky tactic 001.

“We gonna burn things down…no justice no peace!!”

But there was justice, since Trump was democratically elected. He ran a better campaign. Further, he got the support of pissed off white people, and millions of other “deplorables.”

If only Trump had shot a black teen who was breaking into his jet, then perhaps Hillary Clinton could have pulled it off? 

Aren’t Liberals about peace, love and Soul Train? Judging from the streets of Portland, Oregon and Oakland, California, there wasn’t much peace, love, and understanding. Didn’t they hear Barack Obama and Hillary “Loser” Clinton discuss the peaceful transition of power?

These must be the same people Obama asked to “sit down,” and who didn’t?

Perhaps this is just the way Liberals are? Unruly. The Political Insider reported:

“It’s unknown if the criminals were regular citizens or part of the paid Hillary machine, who were caught paying the mentally-ill and homeless to violently attack Trump supporters.

Trump pulled of an historic upset. First defeating the entire Republican political establishment, overcoming 18 months of non-stop attacks from a left-wing media that was exposed as working directly for Hillary’s campaign, and then the formidable Clinton machine itself.

It was just two weeks ago that the media and Democrats were falling all over themselves to say Trump was a “serious threat to democracy itself” when he said he wouldn’t automatically concede to Hillary if he lost the election. Riots like this prove that it’s the left that hates democracy – when their candidates lose.”

I know…it was a video that caused the riots, right.

Does anybody believe the riots were not planned in advance. In the very unlikely chance that Trump would win. I bet all these people who were on notice for a potential gig made a backup plan. When Twitter erupted with the cold words “America’s New Daddy,” paid shills yelled, “GAME ON!”

More from The Political Insider:

“Crowds of angry protesters have taken to streets across the United States chanting “Not Our President” while setting fires and smashing windows.  Hillary Clinton supporters were filmed setting fire to the US flag while marching through the streets of Portland, Oregon, shouting “F*** Donald Trump”.  Footage emerged of activists setting tyres and rubbish bins on fire, blocking main roads and lighting flares.  People also burned an effigy of the President-elect, who will be officially sworn into office in January.”

Recall the protests of Obama back in 2008 and 2012 by Conservatives. It was an ugly scene as millions of Conservatives got up the next morning to fight rush hour traffic into their JOBS.

At the job they were met with jubilant Lefties rubbing the wins in the faces of Conservatives. These Conservatives got back at the Left by working, and ignoring them. Secretly many knew the day would come for payback.

November 8, 2016 was the Day of the Zombie. Liberals can riot all they want, but it won’t change the outcome. We won, they lost.

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