More REAL Jobs: Trump Announces $7 Billion Investment By Intel

Barack Obama was famous for touting the unemployment rate, as a feather in his cap.

That rate was a fictitious number that spoke more to the people who quit looking for work, as opposed to new jobs.

President Trump takes a different approach, where he actually tells you the jobs being created. He began the “new” (sane) approach, when he announced that he had saved the Carrier jobs. And the list grew from there.

Today we get even more good news, particularly if you live in the city of Chandler, AZ.

During a meeting with President Donald Trump, the CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich, announced the company will be investing $7 billion to complete its “newest and most advanced factory” in Chandler.

What a difference a President makes.

For those of you who question what difference leadership makes, here was the announcement by Intel under Obama.

For the bonehead leftist out there, here’s the recap.

Under Barack Obama, Intel laid off 800 workers, and the business outlook for the company was pathetic. However, under Trump, Intel will hire 10,000 people.

For those keeping score:

  • Trump 10,000
  • Obama -800

Looks like only one president gets into the final round of Jeopardy.



Trump posted the Intel Investment Announcement on Facebook, where it received many positive responses.

Shane Close posted: “I’m so thankful for President Trump’s tireless and thoughtful efforts on behalf of all Americans and his vision to elevate our country to unprecedented and vertiginous heights of excellence and meaningful prosperity!”

Louis Hoang posted: “Jobs, jobs, jobs. Those are the 3 words that he kept repeating during his campaign. Liberal leftists, keep staying in your world of ‘good feelings,’ the Trump train is full charge ahead.”

“Another day, another few thousand new jobs. Nice job, Mr PRESIDENT,” wrote Paul Marganski.

As with all things good in the world, you must have the detractors (leftists):

Katie Burlington posted: “If Trump took credit for inventing oxygen his supporters would believe it. This deal was brokered with Obama years ago. Nice try.”

George Machun wrote: “Intel produces over 75% of its chips in the U.S. Always has. This has nothing to do with Trump. It’s been in the works for years. YOU ARE BEING CONNED!”

Apparently Katie Burlington and George Machun represent the brain-dead leftists who may be unaware that Intel had laid off 800 people less than a year ago in Chandler?

The decision by Intel will yield 10,000 jobs throughout the state of Arizona, with roughly 3,000 new jobs impacting Chandler. Thus, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey issued a statement about the news:

“Intel’s expansion in Arizona is huge news for our state. With thousands of jobs and a $7 billion investment, Fab 42 will create a ripple effect throughout our economy. This means jobs for Arizonans, and a historic investment in our state. Intel’s commitment to Arizona speaks volumes about our workforce, advanced educational infrastructure, business environment and commitment to technology and innovation. This represents a core area of Arizona expertise, advanced engineering and manufacturing. We are thrilled about this announcement and what it means for Arizonans.”

Following the meeting with Intel’s CEO, the president called Intel’s announcement “a great thing” for Arizona, adding, “We’re very happy, and I can tell you, the people of Arizona are very happy.”

Well, America is very happy to have a competent president for a change we can actually believe in.

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