ALERT: Brussels Explosion Called a ‘Gas Leak’ [VIDEO]

ALERT: Brussels Explosion Called a ‘Gas Leak’ [VIDEO]

A large explosion occurred in Brussels, Belgium today. Cause currently being investigated as a gas leak.

But was it really? In Belgium.

Second only to France in jihad attacks–a distinction France would likely be happy to relinquish–Brussels must remain vigilant.

Consider an incident reported by The Daily Star only a few days earlier:

Police and bomb disposal experts were deployed to the Porte de Hal district following reports of the explosive cylinders in a car.

The vehicle was initially stopped by police who suspected it was not properly insured.

The driver, who has been arrested, is alleged to have skipped traffic lights, and police discovered three cylinders inside the vehicle.

Public broadcaster RTBF quoted the local borough mayor Charles Picque as saying the arrested driver was on a list of people suspected of being connected to radical organisations, although a police spokesman said she had no information about the driver.


The latest reports are that seven people have been injured. The explosion completely destroyed the upper stories of two houses in the Saint-Gilles area of Brussels, Belgium.

That we have to question whether this is truly a gas leak shows where we are in the world. But recall that almost a year ago to the day the airport in Brussels was attacked.

Photographs taken inside Brussels airport one week after bombings which left dozens dead have revealed the extent of the damage, as officials warned it may not reopen “for months”.

More than 30 people were killed and about 300 were injured in blasts at both Zaventem Airport and Maelbeek Metro station in Belgium’s capital.

We know those attacks were by Muslims inspired by ISIS, and many weren’t caught.

Two of the suicide bombers at the airport were named as Brahim el-Bakraoui and Najim Laachraoui. Their actions left at least 17 people dead, many more wounded and caused widespread devastation inside the building.

At least eight more suspects have been linked to the atrocity and are reportedly still ‘on the loose’.

The attacks were claimed by Isis and experts are investigating the possibility of a terrorist network stretching across France and Belgium.

I think I will wait a while for the final story. I know how the news cycle works these days. If this was a terror attack, we may not know for some time.

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