Hillary Clinton EERILY WATCHES Trump at this Meet and Greet

Hillary Clinton EERILY WATCHES Trump at this Meet and Greet

My how things have change. Only a few months ago, pundits declared that Hillary Clinton was getting the White House fitted for new drapes.

I’m sure her new Oval Office chair (a double-wide) was on order.

Then her evil scheme was derailed for a second time, this time by a qualified candidate.

So it must have hurt Hillary’s feeling to witness this reaction to Trump, when children visited the White House.

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Ironically, in an eerie way, Clinton was there. Notice the painting of Hillary Clinton on Trump’s right, as he greets the kids.

One can only imagine that her “ears were burning,” being such close proximity to the house she would occupy only as First Lady.

As for President Trump, screaming fans is nothing new. Remember those big “insignificant” rallies, the Left so often dismissed?

It’s actually humorous to watch the Clinton stock continue to fall. Lucky for her and her other extortion team members, The Clinton Foundation (Crime Syndicate) has been off the radar for a few months. That has allowed them to get their financial ducks in a row. They’ve even received a bit of wiggle room to salvage their reputations…{ok, laugh now!}

I’m not sure what other remnants of the Clintons or even the Obamas remain at the White House. Let’s hope that soon President Trump puts mirrors across from all the Clintons’ and the Obamas’ portraits. So when he primps, he can watch them watching him.




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