ABSURD CLAIM BY LEFTIST: The MOAB President Trump Dropped on ISIS Failed

ABSURD CLAIM BY LEFTIST: The MOAB President Trump Dropped on ISIS Failed

The world was introduced to the MOAB recently when President Trump dropped one on ISIS in Afghanistan. The bomb is said to be the biggest non-nuclear bomb in our arsenal.

President Trump declared the bombing a success, and reports were the bomb obliterated 36 ISIS terrorists, who are now meeting their virgins. However, according to the Leftist media we’ve been bamboozled. Now we are to believe the Trump’s bombing was a failure?

Pictures have emerged of the tunnel site in Afghanistan where the U.S targeted the “Mother of all Bombs.” In the pictures, The Telegraph report shows that the bomb had little to no impact on the tunnels.

MOAB President Trump dropped on ISISIn the graphic, Afghan special forces stand in the tunnels to show that the tunnels obviously have not been destroyed as dropping the MOAB implied.

Perhaps next we will hear that the 36 bodies were planted? Staged by the Afghani version of Hollyweird? 

I’m no ballistics expert, but the MOAB is one mean mother. 36 ISIS terrorists enjoy Hell if I believe the reports. And I do. Moreover, despite the notion that the tunnels remain intact, I can tell you that a shockwave can be pretty devastating.

Frankly, I’d like to see the reporter of this story voluntarily stand in the tunnel while President Trump unleashes a MOAB on him or her.

For the media, a documented death of 36 insurgents by Trump’s action must be met with derivation.

The Telegraph continues: 

The bomb was dropped on a remote corner of eastern Afghanistan and it has been difficult to assess exactly what impact it had.”

“Afghan officials claimed that nearly 100 militants and no civilians were killed by the blast but those claims have not been independently verified.”

Leftist Proclaiming Trump’s Failure: Par for the course.

Recall when Trump bombed Assad, the media reported that the missiles actually missed the runway. Then, they claimed the airport was operational the next day.

Even if that were true, what mattered was the bigger picture. The fact that Trump did what Obama didn’t, and bombed Assad for gassing his people, a violation of human rights was huge. The world knew that American now elected a leader who has the guts to stand up for what is right. America would no longer be bullied, nor would we allow ruthless dictators bully their people.

Moreover, did the media decide to check out the contractor who built what could only be considered “defective missiles”?

One would think the media would smell a rat, and ensure that taxpayers were getting their money’s worth? Were these not the VERY same missiles used by Obama to bomb ISIS? Put another way, “Are missiles only defective once Trump deploys them?”

Frankly, I don’t care if the tunnels were destroyed. What I did note is ISIS no longer occupies them, as the Afghani special forces stood there for photo ops.

So which is it media? Did the MOAB work or not?

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