Check out what happens to college student who dared read his Bible before class

Check out what happens to college student who dared read his Bible before class

Mark Holden, a student at Northern Arizona University arrived at his class early. While waiting for class to start, Holden did what he always does: read his Bible.

He’s not disruptive, perhaps listening to music and twerking before class. No, he simply sits quietly reading the book of his choice…the Bible.

On this particular day, while Holden read, Professor Dr. Heather Martel abruptly demanded he put down his Bible. He didn’t.

Mark Holden explains the situation to History Department Chair Derek Heng, who had been called out by the professor. You can hear Holden’s entire interview below:

Partial Transcript:

Student: Alright, it’s recording

Dr. Heng: So, I mean. So Prof Martel says she doesn’t want you sitting in front of her, because you put, you know a bible out. Right? So, um…I don’t know what the dynamics is going on in the classroom. Um. I mean, the real key is uh to make sure that, you know the class is able to go on, and that you are in the classroom. I think that’s really, sort of my prerogative right now.

So Dr. Heng has been called into this by Prof Martel because the student’s bible offends her. And in his attempt to ascertain what the issue is, he apparently doesn’t see the abject nonsense of her complaint.

Holden does, and then inquires.

Student: So she doesn’t want me in the front because I have my bible out?

The question is straightforward.

Holden wonders why a professor would be offended by HIS BOOK! So what it’s the bible. Would she have preferred it was a Quran? What if the book had been about killing Trump or jailing Conservatives?

Despite the obvious question, Dr. Heng still doesn’t get it.

Dr. Heng: No I think she, I mean…well why do you have your bible out anyway?

Why do you have your bible out anyway?

What kind of query is this? Aside from the fact that the student can read whatever he wants, what kind of question is this?

It certainly shows the nature of academia and the Leftist world at large. They find it incredible that people actually read the MOST PRINTED BOOK IN THE HISTORY OF MAN!

Holden goes on to explain that regardless of the book chosen, he’s doing nothing wrong:

Student: I’m just reading before class.

Dr. Heng: Ok

Student: I mean class isn’t even started yet, I’m reading my bible.

Holden recalls another instance where the professor made complaints about him because he challenged her views on cultural assimilation. In that instance, Holden highlighted reports he read about two Muslim immigrants who erected a sign declaring the Koran gives them the right to commit rape. He used the report as an example in which cultural assimilation might not be desirable.

Of course, the Leftist professor silenced him. She emphatically declared that “hate speech” would not be tolerated.

As Holden sees it, most college professors are “pushing an ideology on students and any opposition to this is refuted and slashed.”

Further, Holden voiced concerns that there are other students “who want to speak up, but they don’t “feel that they can because of fear about their grades.”

I agree with Holden.

The trend has become an epidemic. Schools all across America favor Islam over other religions, when in fact in most instances they shouldn’t necessarily discuss religion at all. Regardless, multiple reports prove that Islam is openly discussed in schools. Moreover, children are said to quote the Quran and even participate in Muslim activities, like wearing burkas. We hear more and more of schools that allow Islamic prayer.

This is not just an attack on “tolerance” or a classroom etiquette, but an attack on Christianity. Moreso, this is a promotion of Islam over Christianity which cannot be tolerated.



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