NATURE TEACHES BORDER LESSON: Terrifying Helmet-Cam Footage Shows Bear Charging Mountain Bikers

NATURE TEACHES BORDER LESSON: Terrifying Helmet-Cam Footage Shows Bear Charging Mountain Bikers

Perhaps nature teaches lessons that we can’t. Take borders for instance.

Leftists fight for open borders. Nature has plenty of seemingly unmarked borders. But, we are reminded at times that those invisible borders are real.

The biological markers may be missed by humans. However, they are as real as Donald Trump’s wall. Don’t respect them at your own peril.

Two mountain bikers found this out the hard way.

While biking in the wilderness, the two had their trek interrupted during their downhill run at the Malinô Brdo in Slovakia.

YouTuber Dusan Vinžík was following his friend down the mountain when a huge brown bear jumps in front of Vinžík and starts to charge his buddy. Vinžík screams to alert his friend of the bear that’s following him and the bear cuts off trail.

Fortunately for the bikers, the bear ran off the trail as quickly as he came on it.

It’s unclear what made the bear suddenly end his pursuit of the first biker. Nevertheless, the animal does veer off into the woods. 

You can tell that both bikers were completely shaken by the incident, in what I can only predict was a “brown underwear” moment.

But the fact is, it is they who have encroached on the bear, and not the other way around. The bear did what it would naturally do.

Sadly, when bears encounter humans, the bears end up on the wrong end.

This past June a grizzly was responsible for mauling a man to death that was mountain biking with friends. The attack on Brad Treat occurred at Montana’s Glacier National Park when he took a sharp turn on a trail and ran into the bear.

Authorities told the local paper that an initial investigation suggests the bear took Treat off his bike after the two people spooked the animal. The male grizzly bear had bitten through his skull several times before leaving the scene. Treat’s helmet lay beside him, in pieces.

In 2014 at Canada’s Jasper National Park, there were several attacks on bikers including a mother grizzly protecting her cub while she charged two mountain bikers. The riders ditched their bikes and sprinted away.

Leftists claim to be in tune with nature, yet they ignore the realities. Animals have their territories and they don’t like when we intrude.


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