Kaepernicked: Blacklisting STUPID LEFTISTS for Their Stupid Antics

Kaepernicked: Blacklisting STUPID LEFTISTS for Their Stupid Antics

To be Kaepernicked means a fate worse than death for a professional athlete.

The term arises from the ashes of Colin Kaepernick, the football player who dared to make one of America’s favorite sports a petri dish of social justice.

Football has always been a stamp in American culture. It brings the nation together as we cheer on our teams.

Sports, like music and other art forms, bring people together despite what your beliefs are. In the moment it’s about the team, or the art. All racial and social barriers disappear.

You see these players living out the American dream. Some come from nothing and create inspirational lives. They are grateful for every opportunity America has to offer its people.

But not all athletes feel this way, even when America makes them successful.

And when Colin Kaepernick took a knee, refusing to stand for the National Anthem, Americans were pissed off.

Whatever your petty grievance is with America, we stand for the National Anthem to honor those who sacrificed for our freedom.

The NFL learned the hard way that Americans don’t watch football for the politics. We watch the sport for its skill. To paraphrase what Americans told the Dixie Chicks, “Shut up and PLAY!”

But the NFL bought into the PC nonsense of the Left. And America responded in no uncertain terms. We boycotted them, and they got the message.

The NFL is done with Colin.

The Seattle Seahawks feigned interest in Kaepernick recently, but then decided to pass. Coach Pete Carroll laughingly said they didn’t take Kaeparnick because Kaepernick is a starter. Carroll implied that he didn’t want a second-string quarterback capable of starting, but instead would pass on such a jewel.

That’s like a bride-to-be complaining that her diamond is TOO BIG!

Carroll should just tell the brutal truth. Let the nation know that you don’t want disruptive prima donna race baiters in his locker room.

If you still don’t believe the NFL has blacklisted (pun intended) Kaepernick, look at the New York Jets. This team would give 5 kidneys and 3 partial livers for a quarterback. Instead of going after young Super Bowl quarterback Kaepernick, the Jets signed 37-year-old Josh McCown.

And what of the Cleveland Browns?

This team has tried 26 starting quarterbacks since 1999 in an attempt to find the right formula. They passed on Kaepernick, choosing instead Brock Osweiler.

Then, in what has to be the biggest affront to Kaepernick, the Cardinals passed on him. Instead, the Cardinals signed Blaine Gabbert, the man Kaepernick replaced in San Francisco, when Kaepernick became the starter.

In other words, the Cardinals know that Kaepernick is a better QB than Gabbert, and they still passed.

To put this bluntly, the next taxi driver you take has a better chance at making it in the NFL than Kaepernick.

So what gives?

The NFL came to the conclusion that Kaepernick and his views are toxic. And not just to the team he’s on, but the NFL in general.

Nevertheless, the leftist media now pressures the NFL to hire him back. They claim his unemployment is an issue of “free speech.”

It certainly is. And their not hiring him is an exercise of capitalism. The people no longer want his product.

Kaepernick’s stance for the terrorist group Black Lives Matter showcased no bravery. It was a self-indulgent act that he thought would make him a cult hero. It backfired.

Because Kaepernick is a half-white, half-black man who was abandoned by his black father, and Italian mother. A white family raised him. That white family nurtured him in a world where his color didn’t matter. And suddenly he’s militant?

Football is a sport. If Kaepernick prefers politics, sign up. He will find politics a blood sport like no other.

The American people are done with Kaepernick and other leftist political antics. The NFL finally understands, and Kaepernick will soon.

Leftists are on notice. Attack conservatives and you will get Kaepernicked!


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