Illegals and Muslims Using Leftism to CRUSH America

Illegals and Muslims Using Leftism to CRUSH America

After more then a year since Kate Steinle’s murder, attorney Matt Gonzales has finally hinted at his strategy for defending Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez: it was the gun’s fault.

Taking a page right out of leftism, illegal Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez assumes no blame for killing Kate Steinle.

The entire defense strategy is to convince the jury it was all a terrible accident. Lopez-Sanchez found a gun under a park bench. But he didn’t turn the weapon in to authorities. That’s what Pelosi and other leftists suggest that illegals will do, as in “the right thing.” After all, Lopez-Sanchez lives in a sanctuary city. He had no fear of reprisal, no fear of deportation.

Yet, instead of turning the weapon into authorities, Lopez-Sanchez discharged the weapon for no apparent reason. The outcome left Kate Steinle dead.

But as I indicated earlier, it’s not Lopez-Sanchez’ fault. It’s the gun’s fault.

The Chronicle reported:

“In his Tuesday op-ed for the San Francisco Examiner, attorney Matt Gonzalez argues that the stolen gun — a semi-automatic SIG Sauer — is known for accidental discharges among police and lists incidents. Gonzalez notes that the SIG Sauer’s “hair trigger in single-action mode” was enabled in Steinle’s shooting, making it much easier to fire.

Indeed, Gonzalez argued at a preliminary hearing that the shooting was an accident, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. He said the bullet was damaged on one side, indicating it had ricocheted off the ground, the paper reported. Lopez-Sanchez said he threw the gun into the bay so it would stop firing, Gonzalez said, the Chronicle reported.”

Excuses excuses.

If Lopez-Sanchez doesn’t put his finger on the trigger and pull, Steinle is alive pure and simple.

What was the gun doing prior to the arrival of Lopez-Sanchez? Absolutely nothing, that’s what.

The owner of Bay Area Firearms Training in Burlingame calls foul on the explanation given by Lopez-Sanchez:

“If you had your finger on the trigger, sure, it could go off. But accidentally? Give me a break,” said Scott Jackson, owner of Bay Area Firearms Training in Burlingame. “The first pull on that gun is a long, long, long pull. … It’s as obvious as sunlight that it can’t go off accidentally.”

Sadly, if one of only two things happen, Kate Steinle is alive. First, if Lopez-Sanchez turns in the weapon, Steinele is alive. Second, if Lopez-Sanchez had been deported, Steinle is alive.

Etiher way, it wasn’t the gun’s fault. Further, add the millions of other potentials for that gun, if nobody pulls the trigger nobody dies.

If there is any blame to be placed, let’s place it on the sanctuary city!

Sanchez was looking at his sixth deportation after 46 months in prison for a felony of re-entry into the United States. He had a warrant out for his arrest on marijuana charges. Moreover, this man has been coming and going in and out of our country as he pleases committing crimes and putting Americans in harm’s way. Then on one fateful day he picked up a stolen gun causing Kate’s death.

The whole situation is a tragedy and Americans are outraged.

But she wasn’t the first American to be killed by sanctuary-city ordinances, not even in San Francisco.

In 2008, a Dreamer convicted-felon gang member protected — twice — from deportation by the city’s policies murdered Anthony Bologna and his sons, Michael and Matthew. Then in 2010, Drew Rosenberg was run over three times by an illegal alien with Temporary Protected Status. The illegal had been arrested — and then let go by San Francisco police — for driving without a license or insurance the wrong way down a one-way street.

Trump has promised to do what he can to stop these attacks on Americans and to deport between two to three million illegal immigrants who have committed crimes.

In response, mayors in San Francisco and Chicago vowed their cities would remain sanctuaries for undocumented people and Los Angeles Police Chief Beck vowed his department would not aid federal authorities in deportation efforts.

As far as I’m concerned the Left has blood on their hands. They own Kate Steinle’s murder and many others if their policies do not change to reflect the interests of Americans.


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