Secy of State Tillerson BLASTS ‘Petty Nonsense’ of Media

Secy of State Tillerson BLASTS ‘Petty Nonsense’ of Media

According to Rex Tillerson, the government has a job to do and he doesn’t have time for BS.

When asked whether he called President Trump a “moron,” Secretary of State Tillerson offered this:

“This is what I don’t understand about Washington. Again, I’m not from this place. But the places I come from we don’t deal with this kind of petty nonsense. And I’m just not gonna be part of this effort to divide this administration.”

Tillerson issued the strong statement directed at the Leftist media after reports indicated that he wanted to leave the administration.

Consider that a man who ran the largest company in the world would have a problem leaving anything?

It’s clear that the fake news rumor surrounding the made-up comments supposedly said by Tillerson were meant to undermine the president. The Left have offered that the Wharton Business School graduate who took $1,000,000 loan and turned it into a multi-billion dollar corporation is an idiot. Before you judge, keep in mind these are the same people who tell us that a failed community organizer who refuses to show his grades is the smartest man to ever be president. And they now have his record!

Rumors swirled in July that Tillerson was looking for an exit strategy.

However, Tillerson made it abundantly clear he has not plans to leave his position

Tillerson said Wednesday that he admired the president, who “loves his country” and “puts Americans first.” He said the president holds people in his administration accountable.

“When I wake up in the morning, my first thought is about the safety of our citizens at home and abroad,” Tillerson said. “There’s no more important responsibility I carry with me than assuring that Americans are safe.”

Obviously, tensions ran high last week. Trump tweeted that efforts to negotiate with North Korea were a “waste of time.” Like any corporate negotiation, it’s a high-stress atmosphere. However, the leftist media extrapolated that into a personal drama that simply doesn’t exist.


Trump’s Response

The President was quick to back his Secretary of State in a series of tweets.

In fact, Trump raised an excellent point.

In this era of Senate Investigations, we seem to open an investigation into every sneeze this administration blows. Yet, no one is appointing special counsel to get to the bottom of the fake news. It seems the mainstream media is now complacent with passing off false narratives as facts.

Obviously, the number of fake new stories circling this administration is mind-boggling. Only one month into the administration, we had already compiled a Top 10 list of the most popular fake news stories circulating. Since then, it seems we’ve had 10 fake stories each week.

The Russian narrative is by-far the most engaging of those fake stories. No matter how much evidence emerges from the right, the left continues to create outlandish lies and the media runs them completely unchallenged. Furthermore, fact-checking is a lost art.

Petty Nonsense

Our country is under attack. Unfortunately, not every attack is coming from the outside. Much of the adversity we face is fueled from within. Sadly, this story was concocted to draw attention away from the excellent job Trump is doing managing disasters. From massive hurricanes to mass shootings, Trump proves himself to be a great force for unifying the country. However, it’s almost uncanny how perfectly timed these ridiculous stories come pouring out.

Perhaps Tillerson said it best when he exclaimed that he doesn’t have time for “petty nonsense.” Why would NBC suddenly need to report that “Tillerson was close to resigning earlier this summer?” Clearly, July is in the rear-view mirror. Thus, It does no one any good to revisit 3-month old “rumors”.

NBC seems poised to take CNN’s coveted spot as the bully on the playground. Meanwhile, as the children make up stories to tell, the grown-ups will continue to work on the pressing matters of the nation. Maybe we can thwart a nuclear attack from North Korea or Iran. Or perhaps we can get Americans proud to be Americans again, and prevent another Las Vegas-style massacre?




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