USC Professor Under Arrest After False Shooter Claim

USC Professor Under Arrest After False Shooter Claim

Students say the Professor was having a mental breakdown at the scene. She shouted to her students “Take Cover!”

Leftists love to make things up. Just look at Brian Williams or Hillary Clinton. They built entire careers out of the lies they’ve told. Williams had more than 9 million viewers on his nightly news show until he admitted to exaggerating one of his stories. For years, NBC repeated his tale of being shot down in a helicopter in Iraq. Finally, the soldiers who knew the true story demanded Williams recant. He spent 6 months on an unpaid vacation as a result of his massive lie, but who knows how many other stories he fudged.

Now, he’s back on the air, because Leftists rarely hold dishonesty against anyone. It would be far too hypocritical.

Hillary Clinton is just as bad as Williams, actually worse. Like Williams, Clinton had a harrowing experience in Bosnia, where she took “incoming”. Then comedian Sinbad told us the real truth. And then there was that nasty video disproving all of Clinton’s assertions.

Leftist lies are no better in academia. Colleges poisons the mind of youngster for tens of thousands of dollars. And what do parents get in return for sending their teenagers to grow into mature, responsible adults?

Professor Wacko

Our young adults are subjected to the most vile humans on the planet: college professors. These wackademics are certifiable by and large, likely from the years of incest of thought.

After years of indoctrination, something snaps. That what happened to this USC professor, apparently.

As CBS Reports:

LAPD Deputy Chief Phillip Tingirides said the professor, who was not identified, told her students to lock the doors and get on the floor. Then, she began yelling, “active shooter.”

The students became fearful and began texting and calling friends, telling them there was an active shooter on campus, Tingirides said.

Many even alerted police, who responded to the campus immediately. This all unfolded around 12:17 p.m. in the 3500 block of University Avenue.

LAPD officers and officials with the USC Department of Public Safety searched the campus, focusing mainly on Fertitta Hall.

The search netted no evidence of a shooting or a shooter at school, authorities said. An all-clear was subsequently declared.

Tingirides said the professor was in LAPD custody.

“We’re trying to figure out what our best course of action is going to be with her,” he said.

In other words, they’re drawing straws to see who will deliver Trump’s catch phrase. “You’re Fired!”

Leftist Culture

There is a clinical name for the disorder where people thrive on chaos: scientists call it “Leftism”. The rate at which Leftism invades our society is alarming. Furthermore, the presence of leftism on college campuses is down right destroying higher education. Now, more than ever, college freshman report holding liberal views that are the very death of free speech.

As the Washington Post reports:

Researchers have studied incoming freshmen with questionnaires for nearly 50 years. In recent years, students hit new records in areas such as: “willingness to shut down any speech they deemed sexist or racist.” However, who makes that determination? Liberals are such cry-babies. They label all speech as hate speech if it goes against the liberal agenda.

In fact,¬†UC Berkeley shut down “Free Speech Week” recently and featured speaker Milo Yiannopoulos was cancelled for the second time due to threats of violence. Obviously, leftists are too afraid to even listen to a conservative speech. Perhaps, they’re worried it will make too much sense to continue ignoring logic.

Yet, this liberal agenda is moving our country backwards. Recently, students at Princeton fought for black segregation- decades after the country worked so hard to integrate.

As Kevin Jackson wrote at the time:

These social justice warriors seek to establish unity. They will accomplish unity by excluding others based on ones skin color and demanding. And here I thought the very Leftist institution of academia met all diversity requirements.

Sadly, once liberalism invaded academia, real education died out. Students don’t learn to be free thinkers or problem solvers. They learn entitlements, and they spend their days with crack pot teachers. At least this one ended up in jail, where she belongs.

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