Trump DOJ Uncovers Immigration Fraud Scheme

Trump DOJ Uncovers Immigration Fraud Scheme

One lawyer plead guilty to submitting paperwork for 250 visas based on false information.

Joel Paul had the perfect scheme going, until Donald Trump campaigned on promises of reeling in immigration. 

For roughly $3,000 a person, Joel Paul promised his clients a key to the land of opportunity. And he pocketed nearly $750,000 before his scheme caught up with him. Yet leftists believe we don’t have a problem with immigration in this country.

Another US Policy Tainted by Obama

immigration fraud schemeBack in 2000, The Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act created two new visas to address immigration issues. The first, the “U” visa, is to help immigrant victims of serious crimes. The second, the “T” visa, is for victims of severe human trafficking.

Of course these visas weren’t intended to just bring in hundreds of thousands of people. They were supposed to address specific public safety concerns. These special victims were supposed to remain in the US to aid law enforcement in capturing and prosecuting criminals.

As Kristina Glasson explains:

If you are approved for a U visa, you will be granted legal status in the U.S. for up to four years (which may be extended if “exceptional circumstances” warrant it). Once you have held your U visa for three years, you may be eligible to apply for legal permanent residence (a “green card”).

However, it is not enough to simply state that you have been a victim of a serious crime in order to get a U visa. You will need to provide a “certificate of helpfulness” from a qualifying government agency and prove that you suffered mental or physical abuse by a U.S. perpetrator. Additionally, if you are “inadmissible” to the U.S. due to past immigration violations or for other reasons, you will need to apply for a waiver of these grounds.

Of course this program came with limits. The law authorized 10,000 special visas per year. In 2009, 10,937 people applied for the visa. Six years later, 60,710 people applied. However, Obama ignored those limits and authorized more than 140,000 u visas.

Leftists Encourage Fraud

Democrats are still clinging to the U visa program to help illegal immigrants dodge Trump’s policy. They completely disregard the consequences. Recently, we wrote about a seven year old gunned down by an illegal “Dreamer”. It was one of many stories we cover daily that prove illegal immigration comes with a high price.

As Breitbart points out:

A Texas sheriff is encouraging illegals in Travis County to file for U visas so judges can block their enforced return home.

One applicant for the U visa is Demecio Flores-Martinez, 38, a 1995 illegal immigrant now in process for repatriation to his Mexican homeland. According to his May 15 “Motion to Stay” to a judge in Michigan, Flores-Martinez argues he should be given a U visa because:

On July 2, 2014, Mr. Flores-Martinez became eligible for a U-Visa as he fell victim to a spiked drink otherwise known as “being roofied”, kidnapping outside a known gay club in Detroit by the name of Gigi’s, battery using a gun, and assault with a deadly weapon.

A police report about the incident included this line: “crew observed no blood, shell casing and no evidence of any kind at this time in the area.”

According to a legal claim to the district court in the eastern district of Michigan, also made May 15 and titled “Petition for writ of habeas corpus and review of enforcement of removal order.”
1.  Petitioner, Demecio Flores-Martinez, hereby petitions this Court pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 2241 to issue a writ of habeas corpus to review the lawfulness of the enforcement of a removal order …
33. Petitioner is entitled to the relief of U-Visa and is currently actively pursuing that option. He’s submitting his application for relief with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Petitioner’s friend, and other victim on the same incident, has filed his U-Visa Application and is currently awaiting his approval.
So far, the judge has ordered the Department of Homeland Security to delay repatriation pending further legal arguments in June.

Trump Cracks Down

While the left prefers policies that disregard the safety of Americans, Trump won’t tolerate shady immigration practices.

As Jeff Sessions put it: “President Trump promised voters he would return this country to a lawful system of immigration, and this Justice Department is committed to fulfilling that promise by rooting out fraud and abuse.”

Paul definitely perpetuated fraud when he submitted falsified applications on behalf of his clients without their knowledge. The applications claimed Paul’s clients were victims of crime. Furthermore, Paul pretended his clients provided assistance to law enforcement. He even provided unauthorized copies of a certification he acquired from the United States Attorney’s Office.

However, like Sessions said. “We will not tolerate fraud at any level, and will bring those who engage in fraud to justice.”

Therefore, Paul was charged with mail fraud, immigration document fraud and aggravated identity theft.

Apparently, defying Trump can end with incarceration, even for a crafty lawyer with a few tricks up his sleeve. We have a system that allows more legal immigrants that any other country in the world. Abusing it is no longer an option.


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