The Clintons Have a HISTORY of House Fires

The Clintons Have a HISTORY of House Fires

There’s a saying: If there’s one buzzard circling, something might be dead. But if there’s 3 buzzards circling, something’s dead.

When it comes to fires, the Clintons have had three. And all of them are suspicious.

As we reported recently, the Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, NY recently caught fire. There were no injuries, and the Clintons weren’t home.

A bit more information makes this fire interesting, as I learned the Clinton bought a house next to their house.

New Castle police said they received the initial report at 2:51 p.m. and the fire was extinguished at 3:17 p.m.

Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said on Twitter the Clintons were not home, adding, “All is OK!”

The former president and his wife have made Chappaqua their primary home since Bill Clinton left office in 2001. They purchased the five-bedroom, 19th-century house for $1.7 million in 1999.

Last year, the Clintons bought the four-bedroom house next door for $1.16 million.

Who knows what we may learn of Fire #3. The Clintons had security, Secret Service, and I’m sure a host of other protective measures. Surely they will release video? Or was the video lost in the fire?

I doubt we get to the bottom of that fire, but there are two other fires that aroused my suspicion. For example, Fire #1.

The first Clinton-related fire occurred in Hope, AR, the birthplace of America’s 42nd president.

An early morning fire at former President Bill Clinton’s childhood home in Hope, Arkansas, is being investigated as arson, according to officials.

Fire broke out at the William J. Clinton Birthplace, designated as a National Historic Site, around 3:20 a.m. Friday, according to police.

Hope Fire Department Chief Dale Glanton said his department will investigate the incident as arson, rather than an accident.

Apparently Bill Clinton is not universally loved, even in his hometown. As for who set the fire, we may never know. I suggest we chalk this fire up to one of Bill Clinton’s gilted ex lovers.

Now Fire #2.

Maybe we can say the same about this fire as we did about Fire #1? As Arkansas Matters reports,

 A historic Fayetteville home that former President Bill Clinton used to live in was damaged by a fire early Thursday morning.
The former president lived in the home on East Huntsville Road from Spring of 1973 until Summer of 1975, according to the Clinton House Museum.
The Fayetteville Fire Department said crews responded to the fire just after midnight, around 12:30 Thursday morning.
Officials say it started in the carport and spread to the rest of the home.
A man and dog were able to escape the fire.
The incident is still under investigation.

To say Clinton homes are fire-prone is an understatement.





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