Fake News Media Tries CLEAN UP Peter Strzok’s Reputation

Fake News Media Tries to CLEAN UP Peter Strzok’s Reputation

The desperate Democrats shifted tactics.

After they realized that President Trump is bulletproof, they began targeting others. For example, scumbag Adam Schiff now claims that Devin Nunes colluded with the White House in preparing the FISA memo that has Democrats jumping ship. That will soon be proven to be as big a lie as the Russian collusion story.

But now we get the next phase of the Democrats’ ploy. They wish to sanitize the players.

Thus, the Washington Examiner wants us to believe that pro-Hillary Clinton anti-Trump Peter Strzok actually tried to help Trump:

The FBI agent accused of sending anti-Trump text messages co-wrote a draft of the letter former FBI Director James Comey’s sent to Congress informing members he was reopening the bureau’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server days before the 2016 election, according to a report.

Peter Strzok, who exchanged derogatory messages about President Trump and expressed sympathy toward Clinton with FBI colleague and mistress Lisa Page, was in favor of reopening the Clinton probe after new emails were discovered on Rep. Anthony Weiner’s laptop, a source told CNN.

Comey sent the note to lawmakers on Oct. 28, the day after Strzok circulated his “first cut” to other FBI officials on Oct. 27, a little more than a week before voters went to the polls. Clinton has openly blamed that particular letter for her defeat in the 2016 election.

Suggested edits were made to the draft before it was forwarded to Comey by then FBI-chief James Rybicki, per CNN.

Comey would eventually send another letter on Nov. 6 advising Congress the probe had been closed.

See. Strzok isn’t so bad. {wink}

He was the reason the FBI decided to reopen the case against Hillary Clinton when thousands of additional emails were discovered on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Let’s begin with the obvious. An untrained baboon knew to reopen the case against Clinton under those circumstances. What else could the FBI do?

Next, what happened afterwards showcases the real corruption. Because you know that Strzok reopened the case in order to have the case closed only days later.

Recall at the time the volume of emails that would need to be reviewed. Thousands of emails,

And only days later, Clinton was again given a clean bill of health. But check out how USA Today soft-shoed the discovery:

The State Department released about 2,800 emails, only a few of which included classified information, as part of a successful lawsuit by conservative legal group Judicial Watch.

Only a few of which included classified information?!

If I’m not mistaken, this is what the case against Hillary Clinton was all about. And classified information on the laptop of horn-dog Anthony Weiner didn’t raise any flags with the bureau?

But the plot thickens. As the Daily Mail reported, the FBI knew of the emails on Weiner’s laptop before it was even reported to the public:

Text messages between two FBI officials show that outgoing Deputy Director Andrew McCabe knew about additional emails linked to the Hillary Clinton investigation a month before Congress was informed of them just days before the 2016 presidential election, it was reported on Wednesday.

On October 28, 2016, eleven days before the election, then-FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress informing it that more emails were found on the laptop belonging to disgraced former Rep Anthony Weiner.

Thousands of email messages on Weiner’s laptop led the bureau to re-visit the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

But the FBI concluded that there was nothing in those emails that warranted indicting Clinton.

Text messages exchanged between two FBI officials – agent Peter Strzok and bureau lawyer Lisa Page – show that McCabe knew of the newly found emails by September 28, 2016, according to The Wall Street Journal.

How about that for a Right-wing conspiracy? That opens an entire new can of worms for the FBI, aka the Deep State Democrats.

Which brings me to a flaw in the Washington Examiner’s premise of innocence of the FBI.

If Strzok recommended the case be reopened, what the hell was Comey going to do? Not reopen it?!

The Washington Examiner article continues,

That day, Strzok messaged Page about his reticence regarding a public statement, though the pair did not disclose what statement they were referring to, two sources with knowledge of the missives told the network.

Stzrok’s attorney declined to comment to CNN.

So was Strzok trying to downplay the reopening of the case? We aren’t sure. Which is why this biased FBI clown needs to testify before “the man”.

But the Washington Examiner tries to leave wiggle room for Strzok and Page in the article. But then they go full bore pro-Strzok:

Strzok has been targeted by conservatives as an example of bias among law enforcement agencies investigating both Clinton and Trump.

Strzok, a key figure in the FBI’s probe into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, was stood down from special counsel Robert Mueller’s team after the texts between he and Page were uncovered by the Justice Department’s inspector general.

He was one of Mueller’s investigators for only a short amount of time.

Targeted? Since when is seeking the truth considered “targeting”?

Strzok put himself in the crosshairs when he conspired to crush Trump.

As for his “short amount of time” on Mueller’s team, that’s not even the point. Before the man was on Mueller’s team he was running interference for Hillary Clinton.

Democrats created at least four excuses.

  1. Pelosi claimed at first that the FISA memo was just “a lie”. Thus, the memo prepared at the request of Democrats by the Left-leaning Inspector General in order to prove that the Russians interfered with the election is a lie?
  2. The next excuse was to release the FISA memo would damage the FBI’s “tradecraft”, and violate national security. So the document that is “a lie” would expose national security secrets?
  3. When those excuses didn’t work, we get the new ones. Nunes is a Russian spy working with Russian-designed Twitter bots who created #ReleaseTheMemo. And as a follow-on, Schiff now claims that Nunes worked with the Trump administration on the FISA document prepared by the Inspector General.
  4. Finally, the Democrats now rely on fake news media to make the bad guys look good.

NO matter how much spin the fake news media tries to put on this situation, the Democrats are going down.




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