NBC Confesses to LYING Now That Kavanaugh is SCOTUS

No harm, no foul. That’s how NBC sees sitting on information pertinent to the Kavanaugh hearings.

Why bother telling the truth, when it would piss off your loyal base of scumbags?

Leftism much?

Because promoting lies describes Leftism to a tee. And that’s what everybody associated with the attempted Kavanaugh lynching did. Lie.

From NBC,

NBC News also found other apparent inconsistencies in a second sworn statement from another woman whose statement Avenatti provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee in a bid to bolster Swetnick’s claims.

In the second statement, the unidentified woman said she witnessed Kavanaugh “spike” the punch at high school parties in order to sexually take advantage of girls. But less than 48 hours before Avenatti released her sworn statement on Twitter, the same woman told NBC News a different story.

Referring to Kavanaugh spiking the punch, “I didn’t ever think it was Brett,” the woman said to reporters in a phone interview arranged by Avenatti on Sept. 30 after repeated requests to speak with other witnesses who might corroborate Swetnick’s claims. As soon as the call began, the woman said she never met Swetnick in high school and never saw her at parties and had only become friends with her when they were both in their 30s.

This testimony differs from Swetnick’s, as well as Blasey Ford’s. Most people would consider this exculpatory evidence, to say the least.

Kavanaugh admitted he like beer, not spiking punch. And clearly he never spiked the punch. 

For Leftists, let me explain what NBC did. This is called “lying by omission”.

The article continues, shooting another hole in the BS of the Kavanaugh accusers,

When asked in the phone interview if she ever witnessed Kavanaugh act inappropriately towards girls, the woman replied, “no.” She did describe a culture of heavy drinking in high school that she took part in, and said Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge were part of that group.

So again, Kavanaugh participated in illegal drinking in high school. See kiddees, this is why you don’t do illegal stuff in high school. It could come back to haunt you 36 years later!

Kavanaugh admitted to being a drinker, even a heavy drinker. But he was a student-athlete who got into Yale. He performed amazingly.

He graduated and built a stellar career, with the support of a remarkable family.

The Democrats knew this, and still tried to paint him as a psychopathic rapist!

Mark Judge is currently considering suing some of the people involved. And I hope Judge Kavanaugh follows suit.

As for Senate Republicans, I’m glad they are now launching an investigation into Avenatti, and his tactics. He should be disbarred, at a minimum.


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