BREAKING: Democrats CHEATED to Sinema Senate Win in Arizona

So what Republicans win elections on election night. Democrats always have a few votes in garages, as they await the non-official count.

As Democrat did in Missouri when mysterious votes came in just in time and at the magic number for McCaskill to defeat Jim Talent, so it happens again in Arizona.

According to Think Progress,

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) has an insurmountable lead over her Republican opponent, Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ), and will be the next United States Senator from Arizona, according to the Cook Political Report.

I’m not going to call the race just yet. Because Think Progress is little more than a propaganda arm for scurrilous Leftists. But unless Republicans get some balls and contest this, it’s likely the Democrats got themselves a lying, Arizona-hating Senator.

The article continues, and implies that Republicans cheated with redistricting:

Although partial returns showed McSally with a slight lead on election night, the sun rose the next day with many ballots still uncounted in Democratic leaning areas of the state. As of this writing, Sinema now enjoys a 1.5 percentage point lead over McSally, with some ballots still left to count.

Sinema will be the first Democratic senator from Arizona since Sen. Dennis DeConcini left office in 1995.

Though Sinema’s election is obviously good news for Democrats, the 2018 election results highlighted the massive structural advantages Republicans enjoy due to Senate malapportionment. Democratic House candidates are on track to win the national popular vote by as much as 7 points, yet Republicans gained seats in the Senate.

Truth be told, Democrats gather blacks and Hispanics in ghettos and barrios, then “finger” into predominantly white districts in the suburbs to water down votes.

Understand that Democrats can not win ANY election without cheating. It’s what they do.

And when they realized that Trump would legitimately win both the House and the Senate, they poured in-your-face money into races. Billionaire Tom Steyer put $120 million into a variety of races, and he’s unabashedly proud of this. If any Conservative did this, the Left would want the person publicly beaten or lynched, if the person were black.

But no campaign finance reform needed, when Democrats need to regain power.

Let’s hope the Republicans demand a full investigation of the shenanigans in Arizona. Because Arizonans would never have elected a radical Leftist like Sinema.



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