Corey Booker’s Latest Move: Gun Buy-back

Corey Booker’s campaign is in deep doo-doo.

Now he’s desperate for a gimmick to set him apart in a crowded primary.

So what’s a leftist to do? Well, Booker’s willing to bet ridding the world of guns will grab the attention he so deeply desires.

In fact, Booker has a plan to outlaw weapons coupled with a way to get his hands on the guns already out there. Of course, he fails to acknowledge one true fact. Only law abiding citizens would agree to turn in their guns. Those planning to use them in criminal activities will just hide them a little better.

Fox News elaborates:

Booker, D-N.J., told CNN that there should be a law banning certain weapons and a “reasonable period in which people can turn in these weapons.”

The senator said that America wrongly allows “weapons of war” to be present “in streets and communities” like his own home base, Newark, N.J.

Of course, no one questions whether background checks are necessary, or whether we should employ waiting periods or other safety measures. The only question is: why do we have these discussions with idiots? I mean, leftists? (Same thing, right?)

As Kevin Jackson once pointed out:

There is no other interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, as Americans can have guns…period. Why we entertain the discussion of gun ownership is ridiculous, and showcases the lack of marketing on this issue.

A gun should be like a car: you buy it, you register it, and that’s it.

A recent Rasmussen national poll reveals that a mere 22 percent of likely voters say they would feel safer if they lived in a community in which no one is allowed to own a gun. 68 percent of respondents say they would feel safer in a neighborhood where gun ownership by residents is allowed. 10 percent don’t know what a gun is, apparently.

The fact is, an overwhelming majority of Americans understand why we have WEAPONS. If the next weapon is a remote control that can vaporize a person, the “gun” would become obsolete. Then politicians would be trying to confiscate remote controls.

Man has a need to protect himself. It is our brain that puts us at the top of the food chain, not our brawn. We equalized the odds against things bigger and meaner than we, through the invention of weapons.

Yet we continue to engage with idiot Liberals over whether or not we should protect ourselves or cede that responsibility to the cops we are now being taught to hate?

I’d like to know who Liberals think will protect black people, when supposedly cops want to KILL US ALL? One could easily argue, with Liberal “logic”, that black people MUST all be armed, since law enforcement doesn’t protect black people, and in fact HUNTS black people.

I don’t need to argue that when citizens are armed or at least thought by criminals to be armed, crime drops dramatically.

Gun control is white Liberal racists’ attempt at the extermination of black people. Now THAT’S your message!

I’d love to hear the liberal rebuttal to Jackson’s observations.

Of course, there are problems with Booker’s plan.

In a throw back to Barack Obama, Booker plans to use Executive actions to pass new requirements about gun licenses, background checks, and weapons restrictions.

Look, if you want to pass new laws, fine. Do it on the up and up. Put it to a vote that enables constituents to participate in the process. That’s the democratic way. But of course, leftists are used to the tricky means Obama used. He created legislation through executive orders, and rarely, if ever, employed democracy. It’s just another big government grab of our constitutional rights. And that’s exactly what got the United States turned so far upside down.

Booker Faces Other Problems, Too.

Gun owner’s rights isn’t the only problem plaguing Booker’s campaign. While our country faces problems with illegal immigration or the healthcare crisis spawned by the failures of Obamacare, Booker is worried about the threat of beach umbrellas.

I seriously couldn’t make this stuff up.

Breitbart explains:

CBS affiliate WTKR-TV cited one example of a woman, Lottie Belk, who died after being struck by an umbrella in Virginia Beach in 2016, but Sens. Mark Warner (D-VA), vice-chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Robert Menendez (D-NJ), ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations, Tim Kaine (D-VA), Hillary Clinton’s running mate in 2016, and Democrat presidential candidate Cory Booker (D-NJ) are working to make sure no one else suffers such a fate.

The lawmakers sent a letter to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission asking it to tell them how the issue is being addressed.

In the letter, they say that over two decades more than 31,000 “umbrella-related” injuries have taken place and asks for more details about the type of umbrella involved in the injuries.

“The scourge of beach umbrellas is not a new phenomenon,” the letter says, citing a woman in New York who received a $200,000 settlement from the state from an injury she incurred in 1999.

The letter seeks answers to a series of questions, including inquiring about “safety standards” being put in place for beach umbrellas and seeks answers by June 3, 2019.

“Beach staff say to avoid flying umbrellas, pay attention to the weather,” WTKR reported.

“If it gets too windy, it might not be the best idea to put up an umbrella,” Hunter Thomas, a beach rental associate at Surf and Adventure in Sandbridge, Virginia told the outlet.

And this is what keeps presidential hopeful Corey Booker awake at night- flying umbrellas.

More Booker Blunders

When he’s not worried about beach-goers, Booker keeps busy regurgitating his “Environmental Justice Bill.” It’s sort of like the Green New Deal’s ugly cousin.

Last month, Booker attended “She the People.” There, he channeled his inner-Al Gore.

“I have come from a black and brown community. I’ve spent more years as a mayor of Newark, New Jersey than I have in the United States Senate. And when it comes to environmental issues, climate change, we have 12 years,” Booker stated.

Considering their compatibility of their environmental falsehoods, I’m thinking AOC should be Booker’s baby-mama. At least that way, the stupidity could stay in the family.


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